Tubular drag cable conveyors are the premier method to transport a wide range of fragile materials continuously, reliably, and gently. Cable tension is essential to the overall function, dependability, and power of tubular drag conveyors. Cablevey Conveyors’ new pneumatic tensioning device improves the control and accuracy of cable tension, producing increased cable life and fewer maintenance tasks. The increase in cable life is accomplished by replacing the stainless-steel springs in the turnaround unit with a pneumatic cylinder. The new cylinder can be installed on your current system on-site by your staff in about 2 hours.

This pneumatic cylinder provides accurate cable tension over the entire range of travel. The improvement enhances the overall control of the system as it allows the customer to use a pressure regulator and pressure gauge to set the desired tension without having to rely on mechanically compressed spring systems that can stretch and drift over time from wear. Once installed, users simply turn the knob to raise or lower the air pressure on the system. The included easy to read gauge allows users to set tension exactly as they desire. This external gauge makes tensioning less complex, as there is real time visual feedback, unlike spring systems which do not include a gauge.

A manual dump valve provides a safe means of releasing the compressed air to protect workers when performing preventive or corrective maintenance on the system. The unique pressure control at the machine can be adjusted for different sanitation protocols when more tension is required to run cleaning devices.

Pneumatic tensioning devices are available for our Mini 4-inch (100mm), 4-inch (100mm), and 6-inch (150mm) systems. The constant and accurate tension that is provided by the pneumatic tensioning device will prolong cable life resulting in reduced component wear, less potential of cable damage, and increased user-friendliness.

Start increasing your cable life and accurately set cable tension by implementing Cablevey’s pneumatic tensioning device on your existing system. To watch informative videos and learn more about Cablevey’s products, visit us online today!