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Side Access Brush Boxes

Brush Boxes for Cable Conveyor Maintenance

For easy cleaning and cable conveyor maintenance of your tubular drag conveyor, consider integrating Cablevey’s side access brush box. A brush box is simply a housing that the cable and discs pass through that contain roller brushes removing particles that cling to the discs and cable. This easy to install unit will save you time and labor in your cable conveyor cleaning regime.

5 Reasons to Use a Side Access Brush Box

Cablevey has improved the convenience of cleaning and cable conveyor maintenance by the introduction of the side access brush box. The side access brush box presents some of the following advantages including:


Dual Access

Access from both sides, rather than only the top for easier maintenance of internal parts.


With covers mounted on each side visibility of internal parts is granted, allowing you to see the brush box running in real time.

Easy to Clean

Maintenance personnel can easily disassemble and clean the brush box, especially with low ceilings and other overhead obstructions.


Save Money

Easy disassembly means less maintenance time to lower cost. This also serves to decrease system downtime.


Longer Life

An Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW)  bushing has been added to increase wearable surface by three times prolonging life of bushing, resulting in less maintenance of internal parts.


Dimensions 6” Length x 28” Height x 19” Deep 1
Weight 140 lbs. approximately
Material Mix of Stainless Steel, UHMW, Polycarbonate
Power-Source None
Included Components Brush Box, Brushes, Covers & Safety

*specifications can change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any special tools to open the side access brush box?
No, no special tools are required to open the side access brush box. A wrench is needed to open, same as the standard brush box


If I already have a standard brush box, would I need to purchase a whole new one for side access?
Yes, a new one would need to be purchased, as the frames differ from the standard brush box to the side access brush box. The side access brush box comes fully welded and assembled upon delivery.


Is the side access brush box food grade compliant?
Yes, the side access brush box components are designed to comply with food grade standards.


The side access brush box comes fully assembled and ready to be installed upon delivery. New side access makes Cablevey brush boxes better than ever for cable conveyor cleaning solutions.

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