Cablevey Conveyor Features

Conveyor Technologies for a Variety of Material Moving Applications

Cablevey Technology Features

Cablevey Conveyor technologies are unique in that our systems are oriented towards specialty materials that break easily – like breakfast cereal and cashews. Our conveyor technologies are ideal for moving materials and mixes in a dust-free, contamination-free way. And they’re ideal for conveying delicate bulk materials through all phases of the production and packaging processes.

Cable Technologies: Cables, Discs & Tubes

Our conveyor technologies feature the combination of conveyance tubes with cables and discs attached at set intervals. This design serves to gently handle materials from inlet to discharge by holding materials between the discs within an enclosed tube. Materials are not blown about or forced around sweeps. They’re carried without bumping, battering, stress or friction. Breakage is thereby kept to a minimum. For fragile materials safe handling means the difference between profitability and loss.

Gentle Conveying

Enclosed tubes reduces material damage and waste. This results in superior products and bottomline results.

Enclosed System

Material contained within tubes reduces risks of contamination and keeps processing facilities cleaner.

Multiple Inlets & Discharges

Multiple inlets and discharges means one system can replace many and provides for greater flexibility in plant design.

Low Maintenance

Elegant and simple design means fewer parts, higher reliability and less to maintain. The result: downtime keep to a minimum.

Quiet Systems

Enclosed tubular conveyors are also extremely quiet resulting in better processing plant work environments.

Easy Cleaning

Wet, dry and in-place cleaning options are available to reduce cleaning time, labor and required resources.

Flexible Layouts

Cablevey Conveyors move products in any direction required including multi-directional and vertically.

Reduce Material Loss

Our enclosed tube systems streamline pivot points, cavities and potential material lodging points as well as wastage loss.

Low Power Consumption

Elegant and simple design means lower horsepower engines, lower energy requirements and less heat generation.

Dedicated Service

Our engineering, installation and service teams are all passionate about the art of superior conveying.

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