30/60/90 Day Predictive Maintenance

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of maintain is:

  1. Cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue.
  2. Provide with necessities for life or existence

Cablevey Conveyors understands the importance of maintaining your equipment and offers several options to ensure your conveyor is able to carry on.

After installation an annual service agreement can be drafted to include:

  • A Cablevey service technician on-site completing an audit of your system
  • Training on preventative maintenance
  • Work with you and your staff to help gain a general understanding of how the system works and why it is necessary to properly maintain
  • Provide updates and continuous improvements with our equipment
  • Training material will be presented on-site. 1-hour classroom environment, 2-hour hands-on if the system (s) is available.

A typical training agenda may look like:

Cable Conveyor Tensioning Options

Pneumatic tensioning devices are used for managing cable tension. This is essential to the overall function, dependability, longevity, and power of Cablevey’s tubular cable and disc drag conveyor systems. If tension setting is too low, the cable can become disengaged from sprocket causing a malfunction in the system. If cable tension becomes too high, excess friction can cause greater wear, energy usage and other problems with your system. Read More…

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check connectors male and female in gauge
  • Check Cable
  • Check Timing (discs are engaging and disengaging smooth on sprocket)
  • Check Toothpicks if equipped
  • Check Disc wear and outside diameter
  • Exercise Springs (200 & 300 Series)
  • Check Pneumatic Tensioning Air Cylinder

Monthly Maintenance Reminder