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Conveying Frozen Foods
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Frozen peas, diced carrots, cut corn, and pinto beans.


Freezer Tunnel Discharge Conveyor

“Clearvey” 300 Series / 6” clear plastic tubing; One (1) inlet, one (1) pneumatic discharge, one (1) clean-out box, and drive unit with discharge extension chute. Product introduced from freezer tunnel belt conveyor, and then dropped into our inlet and conveyed approximately 90 feet to designated discharge points. The product is discharged into UBC’s (Universal Bulk Containers) and stored in cold storage (AMERICOLD), waiting for repackaging to CPG consumers. Conveyor is “Wet-Cleaned” and ready for ATP “Swab-Test” testing after each shift.

frozen carrots


The system was commissioned by Cablevey Conveyors May 21st, 2020 .

The Cablevey Conveyor’s Advantage

The customer’s previous conveyor technology being used were PD (Positive Displacement) pneumatic conveyors, however, due to the inherent high temperatures of compressed air, “After Coolers” (Heat Exchangers) are used just after the blower to cool down the temperature to allow for the product to be conveyed while minimizing potential heat increases. This is expensive and costly to operate with coolant recharging and general maintenance of the additional equipment.

All PD pneumatics require a Filter Receiver to operate which also creates its own issues with product buildup around the tangential inlet that needs constant cleaning to try and maintain the sanitary level compliances.

This also enlarges the equipment “Footprint” which can minimize the operator access area during maintenance requirements. Most of the PD systems for these operations require a minimum of 25hp motors, sometimes up to 45hp. These systems normally operate around the clock for six months of the year, which also increases costs through higher energy use.

frozen peas cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cablevey

This particular location is in operation twelve months of the year, however, full processing operation lasts approximately six (6) months, right after the first harvest from June to November. During this time 180 million pounds of vegetables are processed.

Cablevey Conveyor eliminates the high energy costs by utilizing a 5hp gear motor, significantly reduces potential product degradation, increases sanitary compliance via the enclosed tubing, smaller “Footprint” and “CLEAR VISIBILITY” of the product during the conveying process. This was a huge plus factor for the QA personnel at this facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can cable and tube frozen food conveyor systems move cooked, chopped, powdered or puree materials?
Yes. Our frozen food conveyors are designed to move materials in all forms.
Are cable & tube nut conveyors safe and sanitary?
Yes. The enclosed tube environment keeps your materials clean and safe while in transit. Enclosed tubes also serve to keep wastage low and your plant clean.
How are tube conveyors cleaned?
Wet, dry and in-line cleaning options are available. As part of our engineering and service process, we will work with you to specify the best cleaning solution for your needs and train you on how to use specified equipment.

Cablevey Frozen Food Conveyor Systems

Cablevey Frozen Food Conveyor Systems are suitable for moving all sorts of food batch ingredients and finished products. No matter what form your materials are in, we can move them in a gentle and sanitary manner. And our food conveyors can be engineered to service any part of the production process from mix to cook/bake to packaging.

Flexible Design

Our cable and tube conveyor systems are modularly designed to offer flexibility for wide-ranging applications. Component parts come in a variety of sizes, tube diameters, and tube materials. No matter what your processing facility layout, we have frozen food conveyor solutions for you.

Custom Solutions

Each and every frozen food conveyor system is custom specified by our engineering department. This ensures that all systems are optimized to client needs. Design considerations typically include how much can be moved without breakage, how far, how high, and how fast you need to move materials. The configuration and available space within processing environments are also taken into consideration. Bottom line, our engineers, and library of system parts can solve just about any frozen food conveyor movement needed.

We’ve engineered frozen food conveying solutions for production facilities large to small in dozens of countries around the world.


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