Case Study

Replacing a PD Pneumatic Conveyor System with a Clear Tubular Cable & Disc System

Product: Frozen peas, diced carrots, cut corn, and pinto beans

Problem: The Positive Displacement (PD) pneumatic conveyor system had inherent flaws for this application:


  •  High temperatures of compressed air for the pneumatic system required a cool down system for the product. The impact: costly to operate and more maintenance.
  •  Required Filter Receiver resulted in product buildup around the inlet and required constant cleaning and created sanitary compliance issues.
  • Large equipment footprint created space and operational challenges.
  • High energy consumption due to motor requirements (25hp – 45hp).

Frozen CarrotsSolution: The Cablevey® Conveyors Clearvey 300 Series/ 6″ plastic tube conveyor system optimized the conveying process. The new system benefits:

  • No compressed air eliminated high temperatures, saving energy, maintenance cost, and space.
  • No required Filter Receiver reduced product buildup and increased sanitary compliance via the enclosed tubing system.
  • Smaller equipment footprint improved efficiency and allowed for easier access for maintenance and quality checks.
  • Reduced energy consumption by using a 5hp motor. Also, the 5hp motor reduced potential product degradation.

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