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Conveyor Layouts and Designs

Cablevey Conveyors offers highly flexible and modular cable tubular conveying systems that are completely customizable to meet your specifications. You have unique specifications and Cablevey Conveyors have the unique qualifications to meet your needs, with 50 years of experience, 32,000+ conveyors commissioned, 1,000+ products moved, and 66 countries served.

Cablevey Conveyor technologies are unique in that our systems are:

    • Designed for specialty materials like breakfast cereal, coffee, and nuts. Each year, we run hundreds of product tests for companies at the Cablevey Testing Center. Our engineers eliminate the guesswork and provide you with data to verify how our system will perform for the material you are conveying.
    • Designed to provide a dust-free and contamination-free environment. 
    • Designed with conveyance tubes with cable and discs attached at set intervals. Why is this important? The Cablevey team will work with you to optimize the interval distance to maximize your conveying efficiency.


Less Breakage

Enclosed tubes reduce material damage and waste. This results in superior products and bottom line results.

Enclosed System

Our conveyor technologies feature the combination of conveyance tubes with cables and discs that hold material within an enclosed tube.

Sanitary System

Material contained within tubes reduces risks of contamination and keeps processing facilities cleaner.

Easy to Clean

Wet, dry and in-place cleaning options are available to reduce cleaning time, labor and required resources.

Lower Costs

 The Elegant and simple design means fewer parts, higher reliability and less to maintain. The result: lower costs and downtime kept to a minimum.

Energy Efficient

The Elegant and simple design means lower horsepower engines, lower energy requirements, and less heat generation.

Multiple Inlets & Discharges

Multiple inlets and discharges mean one system can replace many and provides for greater flexibility in plant design.

Flexible Layouts

Cablevey Conveyors move products in any direction required including multi-directional and vertically.

Key Components

Our Key Components are highly flexible and modular, to facilitate easy access for factory floor needs.

cablevey conveyors - drive unit

1. Drive Unit

The cable is pulled through the drive unit by an electric gearmotor mounted to a stainless steel frame. The cable can enter and exit through either tube port as required for your layout.

cablevey conveyors funnel

2. Funnel

Funnels are used to discharge material from rotary discharges and/or cleanouts. Funnel outlets are available in a wide variety of sizes and connection types to fit your needs.

cablevey conveyors - inspection section

3. Inspection Section

The Inspection Section is a food grade plastic tube that allows you to see the product conveyed and observe the cleaning process. They can be installed in the vertical or horizontal runs as desired.

cablevey conveyors - sweeps

4. Sweep

Sweeps change travel to any desired direction. Sweeps are available in many angles from 0-90 degrees and in several different radius dimensions to fit restricted spaces.

cablevey conveyors - compression coupler

5. Compression Coupler

The coupler’s food grade rubber gasket ensures a good seal against air, water and dust. The coupler holds the tubes together in perfect alignment to provide the discs a smooth path.

cablevey conveyors - inlet

6. Inlet

Inlets are available in a wide variety of lengths to accommodate various needs. The sides of the inlets are available in different slopes to accommodate different material flow properties. Multiple inlets may be used if desired.

cablevey conveyors - turnaround

7. Turnaround

The turnaround contains a sprocket that facilitates reversing cable direction from the return side of the system to the product conveying side. The sprocket is mounted on a mechanism designed to provide proper cable tension.

cablevey conveyors - turnaround

8. Discharge

The discharge has the ability to be open or closed allowing materials either to pass through or exit the conveyor at that point.

cablevey conveyors - turnaround

9. Brush Box

A Brush Box is a housing that the cable and discs pass through. The Brush Box contains two roller brushes mounted above and below the cable and discs. As the cable moves through the discs turn the brushes removing any clinging particles into a waste chute for disposal.

Common Tubular Conveyor Layouts

Our cable and tubular conveyor systems are modularized to offer flexibility for all types of processing plant needs. Components may be linked in multiple units. They can also be customized to create optimal conveying solutions. Our engineering team stands ready to serve your needs.

HVH (Horizontal-Vertical-Horizontal)

cablevey conveyors 6300-w-brush-box

HVH layouts carry materials from point-to-point and at varying altitudes.

Horizontal Corner

horizontal corner tubular conveyor layout

Horizontal corner layouts, typically 90,75, or 60 degrees, can be customized to a 24”,36”,48” and 60” radius.


loop tubular conveyor layout

Loop layouts move materials in a tight or pre-defined space and allow for multiple inlets.


inline tubular conveyor layout

Inline layouts are the simplest installations for point-to-point conveyance.

Horizontal Transfer

horizontal transfer tubular conveyor layout

Horizontal transfer layouts allow for long runs and can accommodate multiple inlets.

Horizontal-Vertical-Horizontal 3D

horizontal-vertical-horizontal tubular conveyor layout

Horizontal-Vertical-Horizontal layouts carry materials from point-to-point and at varying altitudes.


u-shape tubular conveyor layout

U-Shape layouts move materials in tight or pre-defined spaces and allow for multiple inlets.

Vertical Transfer

vertical transfer tubular conveyor layout

Vertical transfer layouts are often used to move materials to and from mezzanines. Vertical transfers also commonly blend ingredients via multiple inlets.

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