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Demand Growth Drives Cablevey Conveyors to Add a Second Manufacturing Shift

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In July 2022, Cablevey Conveyors added a second manufacturing shift in response to increasing market demand. This strategic move aims to significantly enhance the company’s production capabilities. By doubling down on manufacturing efforts, Cablevey Conveyors is set to meet the growing needs of its clients more efficiently, ensuring faster delivery times and maintaining its reputation for high-quality conveyor solutions.

Strong Market Conditions in the Food and Beverage Sector Lead to Expanded Production and Services

Cablevey Conveyors, a leading manufacturer of specialized conveyor technologies for the food, beverage, and other industrial sectors, has expanded its Oskaloosa, Iowa, manufacturing plant operations by introducing a second shift. This expansion is set to double Cablevey’s production capacity, accommodating the surging demand for its advanced conveyor manufacturing solutions. 

The company uses the Oskaloosa facility to produce different components essential for enclosed tubular drag conveying systems. The technology behind its revolutionary tubular conveying system has gained global recognition for its quality and reliability, emphasizing gentle and clean material transportation, energy efficiency, and straightforward cleaning, among other advantages inherent in the system.

Demand Growth Drives Cablevey Conveyors to Add a Second Manufacturing Shift and Expand Their Operations

The Oskaloosa facility includes areas for product testing, as well as storage for shipping and parts fulfillment. The introduction of a second shift will increase the plant’s number of manufacturing employees to 20. “Increasing capacity with a second shift enables us to meet our expanding customer bases’ delivery dates,” said Brad Sterner, Chief Executive Officer for Cablevey Conveyors. “Our current customers are expanding, and we continue to benefit from new customers who convert to our tubular drag cable technology from legacy conveying systems.”

Processing Industry Is Growing, Leading to Higher Demands for Conveyor Systems Manufacturers

Reflecting broader industry trends, the global market for food processing equipment is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% until 2028, driven by the expanding food processing industry. This reinforces the robust production activity highlighted in the State of Conveying research report published by Cablevey in early 2022.

The market analysis, which surveyed 200 food facilities, found that 91% experienced business expansion over the past year. The State of Conveying survey illuminated trends, preferences, and obstacles associated with industrial conveyor systems alongside issues presently facing the market.

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Cablevey’s Expansion Is an Important Investment in the Local Economy of Southeastern Iowa

For the first time, the company is operating with two fully staffed shifts, marking a significant milestone. This expansion not only supports Cablevey’s global customer base but also contributes to the economic well-being of Mahaska County and Southeast Iowa. 

To ensure a secure working environment and improve operational efficiency, the company has embraced innovative solutions, including automated fabrication and assembly centers, in preparation for the extra shift. Additionally, the hiring of women for 40% of the new production roles at the Oskaloosa facility underscores Cablevey’s dedication to fostering diversity within its workforce.

As Sterner said, “While this additional shift is designed to meet customer delivery dates, it is also an investment in the local economy. We look forward to continued growth and expansion to serve our customers in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and chemical markets.”

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Cablevey Has Been a Well-Known Name in the Conveyor Industry for Quite Some Time

For decades, Cablevey has stood as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the conveyor industry, marking its presence with a distinguished reputation that spans globally. Established in Iowa, the esteemed company first opened its manufacturing doors 50 years ago, embedding its roots deeply within the local community while serving a worldwide clientele from its corporate headquarters, strategically located at the same site.

Learn More About Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey Conveyors operates worldwide as a specialty conveyor producer, focusing on the design, engineering, assembly, and maintenance of tubular drag conveyor systems. Serving clients in over 65 countries, our company is dedicated to transporting materials for the food, beverage, and powder processing industries, offering systems that are hygienic, swift, energy-saving, and economically advantageous.

These systems are not just conveyors but lifelines for materials handling across various sectors, especially for processors that demand the highest standards in food-grade conveying performance.

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What Sets Us Apart

What sets Cablevey apart is its commitment to delivering systems that epitomize cleanliness, speed, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, catering to the specific needs of clients. The company’s approach to material handling is holistic, focusing on the gentle yet efficient movement of products, thereby ensuring the integrity of the fragile materials transported. This attention to detail and dedication to quality has cemented Cablevey’s position as a global leader in enclosed tubular-style conveyors.

As Cablevey continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of its diverse client base. With a rich history of excellence and a forward-looking approach to technology and design, this company is poised to lead the conveyor industry into the future, building on its legacy of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

Through continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence, Cablevey aims to enhance its offerings, expand its global footprint, and uphold its status as a trusted partner in the materials handling sector.

Looking for Efficient Conveyor Technologies? Let Cablevey Conveyors Improve Your Production Facility

Enhance your production facility with cutting-edge conveyor technologies by partnering with Cablevey Conveyors. Our expertise in manufacturing efficient conveyor systems ensures seamless material handling and increased productivity for your operations. Whether you’re in the food industry, agriculture, or any other sector requiring reliable conveyor solutions, we’re here to cater to your specific needs. 

At Cablevey Conveyors, we prioritize innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Let us streamline your processes and optimize your workflow with our range of customizable conveyor systems. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our expertise can elevate your production facility to new heights.


Why Choose Cablevey for Conveyor Solutions?

Cablevey stands out for its commitment to delivering systems that epitomize cleanliness, speed, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, catering to the specific needs of clients. Our approach to material handling ensures the gentle yet efficient movement of products, preserving their integrity.

What Industries Does Cablevey Serve?

Cablevey specializes in providing tubular drag conveyor systems for food, beverage, and industrial powder processors across more than 65 countries. Our solutions are tailored to meet the high standards of food-grade conveying performance, ensuring cleanliness, speed, and energy efficiency.

How Does Cablevey Contribute to the Local Economy?

Cablevey’s expansion, including the addition of a second manufacturing shift, not only serves its global clientele but also aids in the economic stability of Mahaska County and southeastern Iowa. The company’s investment in new technologies and employment opportunities reflects its commitment to the local community.

What Distinguishes Cablevey in the Conveyor Industry?

Cablevey has a rich history of excellence spanning 50 years, marked by innovation, reliability, and a global presence. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has established us as leaders in enclosed tubular-style conveyors, providing holistic solutions for material handling.

How Can Cablevey Help Improve Production Facilities?

Cablevey’s expertise in manufacturing efficient conveyor systems ensures seamless material handling and increased productivity for operations in various industries. By prioritizing innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we streamline processes and optimize workflows with customizable conveyor solutions tailored to specific business objectives.

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