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INC Launches the 10th Edition of the Statistical Yearbook

The INC is pleased to announce the publication of the Statistical Yearbook 2019, which offers an insightful analysis of tree nut, peanut and dried fruit production, trade and consumption over the last decade up to today. The analyzed data shows that overall, both nut and dried fruit supply and consumption keep trending positively.

The study includes a general overview of world production, consumption and supply value trends over the last decade followed by a data analysis for each nut and dried fruit reporting on:
  • Production trends and share by country: 10-year series, 5-year average and current season.
  • Export/import leading players and market share.
  • 5-year consumption trends.

Data revealed that tree nut, peanut and dried fruit supply was significantly increased over the last decade. Reaching 4.6 million metric tons in 2019/2020 (kernel basis, except pistachios in-shell), world tree nut production grew at a sustained pace during the last 10-year period. In terms of crop volume, almond and walnut crops headed global production, with 31% and 21% of the world share respectively, followed by cashews (17%), pistachios (14%) and hazelnuts (12%). The remaining 5% accounted for pecans, macadamias, Brazil nuts and pine nuts production.

World peanut production amounted to over 41 million metric tons in 2019/20, which represents an increment of 7% above the prior 10-year average and reflects the positive trend observed over the prior 10 years. The leading players in world production were China (38% of the world share), India (15%), Nigeria (8%), the US (6%), Senegal (3%) and Argentina (3%).

With a total amount of 3.2 million MT in 2019/20, dried fruit production trended up over the last decade as well. Dried grape (Raisins, Sultanas and Currants) and table date production accounted for 41% and 35 of the world share, respectively. Prunes (7%), dried cranberries (6%), dried apricots (6%) and figs (5%) added up to the following 23%.

Consequently, the global gain in supply led to increased worldwide traded volumes. Between 2008 and 2018, tree nut international (shelled, except pistachios in-shell) shipments grew at an average rate of 69,500 MT/year, adding up to 2.3 million MT in 2018. Total exports of shelled peanuts reached over 2.3 million MT. Amounting to about 2.7 million MT, dried fruit exports were also raised at a steady pace at an average rate of around 110,800 MT/year.

As for demand, dried fruit global consumption increased at around 85,500 MT/year, on average; and tree nut, estimated at over 4.6 MT in 2019, was raised by 200,000 MT/year over the prior 10 years. However, considering the also growing world population, consumption is still significantly far apart from the recommended intake of 30 g (a handful) of nuts a day, which is a good indicator of the need to reinforce the industry marketing and promotional efforts in the years to come.

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