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Matsuda & Cablevey Conveyors: Dedication and Reliability


It is with great pleasure that Cablevey Conveyors renews its partnership with Matsuda Pet. With a relatively short 20-year history, Matsuda Pet has nevertheless seen bountiful growth, increasing productivity and high-quality product development. With three production plants located in different Brazilian states, Matsuda Pet’s dedication is its unifying quality common to each of its undertakings, from its several specialized pet food lines to the detailed entries in its weekly blog regarding animal health, pet nutrition and the pet food industry.

Jorge Matsuda MATSUDA PET FOOD Matsuda Pet moves forward with great regard for the legacy of the late Jorge Matsuda, a great businessman and philanthropist responsible for decades of steering the company in the direction of its prosperous growth. The Matsuda Group’s decades of practical experience in the production of agricultural supplies were made evident by Matsuda Pet’s rapid growth, whose high-quality products speak for themselves. Even though they are thoroughly dedicated to product quality, Matsuda Group still pays great attention to social aspects, sharing returns with the local community through actions such as donating to Casa Transitória Irmã Dulce, an institution in which recovering cancer patients receive care, and also through donations of tons of dog food to several non-profit animal shelters.

MATSUDA PET FOOD PRODUCTSIn the year 2020, Matsuda Pet inaugurated a new production line which doubled the company’s pet food yield, a process in which Cablevey was a fortunate collaborator, furnishing the project with state-of-the-art conveying solutions. In 2021 Matsuda Pet has once again chosen Cablevey, this time incorporating cable and tube technology to overhaul and perfect the existing production lines. Cablevey offers a customizable, versatile, economical, clean, silent and compact alternative to machinery such as bucket elevators, screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors and many others. Without a shadow of a doubt, Matsuda Pet has chosen the best possible solution, a result of their great care in assembling the most advanced possible production process.

When selecting the finest technology for your plant is a concern, one can’t help but notice Cablevey is always present. Just as the Matsuda Group’s 70 years of experience have been paramount to Matsuda Pet’s development of extremely refined nutrition options for dogs and cats, Cablevey’s 50 years of experience are the driving force behind our continuous improvement of the conveyor system which serves over 1,000 products in 66 countries. From Nestlé to Unilever to Mondelez to Cargill, Cablevey is a common factor among great names in the industry, and Matsuda Pet was able to pick up on this fact. With profound respect and commitment to its clients, Matsuda Pet has continually invested its effort in optimizing production, maximizing quality and prioritizing customer satisfaction.


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