New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 10 Overview

Where Does Product Fit

“As I have stated throughout the book, those manufacturing companies that can stop pitching their products will win market share. What I mean is that manufacturing companies should not introduce themselves by talking about the product. As mentioned in the last chapter, the product plays a very important role in the practice of marketing, and the role lies at the bottom of the funnel, after the firm has earned TOMA, credibility, and reciprocity during the top of the funnel engagement phase (where we pitch the products).

Product marketing is important to the successful completion of the purchasing process. In many manufacturing companies, product marketing has nothing to do with the marketing function, but is more about product development. Typical activities a person on the so-called product marketing team may perform include research and development or new and existing products, market research to determine the product development roadmap, and creating product literature such as specification sheets and user manuals. They usually view the marketing team as the people who do their bidding creating ads, brochure layout, spec sheet layout, webpage updates, etc. Many products marketers come from the engineering side or the sales side of the business. Rarely does a person with the title of product marketing manager have a strong academic practical background in marketing.

The people in your target audience get it. They know you ultimately want to sell them something. That is why most manufacturing firms are in business. It is very important to let them know what you manufacturing in conjunction with providing them with helpful content. Many times the connection to the brand and the offering can just sound like a short commercial. As for an example, if you are producing an educational webinar, the moderator can make a brief statement about the sponsor of the webinar before diving into the education content. The slides should be presented on a branded template and, perhaps at the end of the webinar, the moderator can remind the audience once more about the brand, the value proposition, and how to contact the firm should they want to know more about the product.

The product pitch is a critical part of the purchasing process at the bottom of the funnel, Information about the product features and benefits must be potent, easy to find, and compelling.