New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 22 Overview

“After the Pilot Program”

Your pilot program was a success! You chose a relevant and engaging topic. You chose a tactic that resulted in concrete numbers and information. You delivered qualified leads to top of the sales funnel. Your superstars even used an integrated MAP and CRM to demonstrate a strong influence on closed/won opportunities, a.k.a. revenue. You have been given the go-ahead and the resources to expand your fledgling innovative and creative new strategy. So what’s next?

If your pilot was exceptionally successful, you will have garnered attention from the highest levels of the organization. This can be good and it can be bad. It is good if the attention results in additional resources such as money and people as well as support for your innovation and creativity. Another positive outcome of high-level attention could be momentum in moving against a strong product culture.

A pitfall you may experience because of your success is in colleagues asking (or demanding) that you develop content and programs not aligned with the audience-facing mission statement. Stay true to your mission statement and do not give in to any requests or demands to start pitching products. If you collaboration effort was strong when you were building the foundation of your pilot program and the associated mission statement, you will have the wherewithal to say no to these requests. Hint: When you are building out your pilot program and the mission statement, incorporate it to your overarching marketing plan and get sign-off from the stakeholders.

Depending on the resources you have been given, after a successful pilot program it is time to further your engagement tactics as defined by the AFMA by creating additional content or repurposing existing content. It is also wise to include additional channels or increase distribution in your success channel. Craft FAQ’s and infographics from webinar content and use it in other formats. If you have uncovered a couple of subject matter experts who are enthusiastic about your new way pilot program, craft a new webinar series in line with you AFMS.

The bottom line is the same with any marketing strategy, tactic, or activity: do more of what works and stop doing what is not working. The team works is subjective and should be defined by the chosen key performance indicators you have agreed upon.