New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 22 Overview

“Seat at the Leadership Table”

The marketing leader rarely occupies a seat at the leadership table of a manufacturing company. Most manufacturing companies’ leadership team or executive team typically includes the chief executive officer, chief finance officer, chief human resources officer, chief operations officer, and a representative of the business segment, either sales or product. Why is marketing conspicuously absent? The reason is twofold. The executive team does not understand marketing, and the executive team does not respect marketing.

Granted, this is probably not true in every manufacturing firm. B2C manufacturing is likely to respect their marketing team a bit more than B2B counterparts.

Marketing is divided into two areas: strategy and tactics. Strategic marketing is usually formulated (and I use them loosely by the big girls and boys at the leadership table. The marketing leader does not belong to this self-proclaimed elite group. We have a group of executives who know nothing about practical marketing strategy or marketing tactics that are usually based on the latest sales or product person’s insight or the latest product under development

Marketing can and should be a powerful revenue-generating force within all manufacturing companies. In this day and age, marketing should be leading the entire revenue team, including sales, marketing, inside sales, and product management. A modern adept marketing leader and organization has much to offer.  Smart marketing leaders and the professionals who make up their teams are ready, willing, and able to step up to the demand of growth, Professional marketers know how to drive engagement, fill the top of the funnel, create TOMA, and most important, grow the business. Most manufacturing leaders embrace innovation and creativity as a cornerstone of their business. There is not a more exciting opportunity to innovate than embracing, respecting, and creating a revenue-driving marketing team. As marketers, we have the technology, tools, and the knowledge to contribute at the leadership level.