New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 24 Overview

“Marketing and Sales Alignment”

According to SiriusDecisions, companies that have achieved marketing and sales alignment see an average annual increase in revenue of 24 percent, close to 500 percent more leads, and are more that 600 percent more profitable.

Alignment is difficult and uncommon in the manufacturing sector. Ask these questions to determine if your firm has aligned the sales and marketing: Does the sales team know what the marketing team is doing on a daily basis and on a strategic basis to influence revenue? Does sales know the positioning statement, value proposition, target market, and associated messaging? Does the marketing team know which daily activities the sales team is performing? Does the marketing team understand the salespeople’s needs, wants, frustrations, likes or dislikes about marketing activities or content?  Alignment between these seemingly disparate functions is very hard to achieve. However, data shows that the firm that is able to accomplish alignment will significantly outperform those firms that do not achieve alignment.

My experience tells me that the critical piece of the alignment puzzle is direction from the top of the chain of command. Without a leader focusing on alignment it will never happen. Ideally, I suggest a structure with one senior person leading both teams. A strong leader would ensure that all of the questions posed above would be answered with a resounding yes.

Marketing and sales alignment is not enough. As long as the organization continues to perceive two different functions or units with very different goals and perceptions, the company will be at odds within itself. It is time to abolish the terms, perception, and structure of these two teams. It is time to unite sales and marketing under one leader, one mission, one culture, and one set of goals. Meet the  One Revenue Team.