New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 25 Overview

“One Revenue Team”

The revenue team is responsible for generating and delivering revenue. Some would call this team the commercial team, but I prefer to include the word revenue, as it emphasizes overarching purpose of this team. The mission of the revenue team is to find customers, and cultivate ongoing customer relationships; in other words, everything to do with acquiring new customers, taking care of existing customers, and maintaining customer relationships.

The revenue team will be comprised of people who once worked in departments called field sales, marketing, inside sales, key account management, customer support, order processing, application engineering, telemarketing, corporate communications etc.  You get the idea. These department and associated titles or labels should be abolished when the manufacturing firm makes the evolution to a “one revenue team” model. The associated job descriptions will remain fairly consistent with the old model, with the main exception being those who once worked in the marketing department. Marketing will take an active role in generating revenue and not a backseat to the sales team, and they most likely have grown accustomed to.

By uniting all of the functions listed above into one revenue team, the sales and marketing alignment issue is resolved. The entire revenue team will be striving toward a unified objective and associated goals under one leader. This is the power of a one revenue team. Another benefit of uniting these disparate functions under one leader and one team is that it does away with bickering and the battles for resources between the function leaders. With each and every member of revenue on board and going in the same direction, amazing success will be the result.

The transformation from separate sales and marketing teams with separate leadership will usually be a very big cultural change in most manufacturing companies. The change may or may not result in termination of some key positions within the organization, or it may result in adding positions. Big organization changes are difficult and require strong change management skills to be exercised by all leaders in the organization, especially the revenue team leader. If you decide to make the change and use the one revenue team  model, collaboration and communication are essential.