New way to Market for Manufacturing

Written By: Bruce McDuffee-Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI)

Chapter 8 Overview

Engagement versus Shouting

“As humans living in the modern age, we are being shouted at during nearly all of our waking hours. I am equating shouting to interruption advertising. TV commercials, Internet ads, billboards, magazine ads, telemarketing calls, unsolicited email, et al. These methods of marketing or advertising interrupt whatever it is you are doing when the ad shows up.”

Engagement Marketing

If you manufacturing firm has a huge marketing budget, shouting or interruption marketing might be a viable option. For the rest of us, we must get engagement with our target audience by offering value in a normal voice or even a whisper.  To illustrate the difference, consider your daily battle with your email inbox. Picture a useful email you look forward to receiving each day, week, or month. You opted in because you like the email when you receive the email; you gladly click on it and peruse the offer or the helpful information. It is relevant, so you do not mind receiving that particular email. This is ENGAGEMENT MARKETING.

It should be noted at this point that an effective go-to market strategy most likely includes a combination of push and pull marketing, a.k.a. shouting and engagement marketing. The difference is that the push marketing, or shouting, conducted with the “new way” strategy promotes the educational content and not the product itself.

The Difference between Shouting and Engagement

The difference between shouting and engagement is in the offer. Shouting talks about the company or its product. The vast majority of people on the receiving end of shouting or interruption marketing just do not care. In many cases, we form a negative perception of brands that use this type of marketing. Engagement marketing offers something of value to the people in the target audience. The value helps people in the target audience relieve a pain point or fan a passion. This value builds credibility and top-of-mind awareness. As humans, we are willing to engage with a brand, an advertisement, or a person who offers us a gift such as the value of relieving a pain. We feel a strong urge to reciprocate, and in the case of business, reciprocity manifests in a purchase.