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Writing Tips

Here’s how to make a blog post that will drive viewers to your site:

SEO Key Phrase

Key Phrases are what people poke into search engines. By including common search terms to your site, you set up your content to be discovered via search engines. A single Key Phrase should be selected for each Post story. Seed your Key Phrase throughout your post in Title, First Sentence & Image Text.

Post Title

Create a catchy title that will entice people to read your post. Include your Key Phrase.

Post Body

Write simply. Use short sentences. Write a story of 350 words or more (about 3 paragraphs). Seed your Key Phrase into: first sentence; in a sub-header, and; in other copy locations. Also, hyperlink one of your Key Phrases to the associated landing page.

Post Category

Select a primary category for your story. The editor will also add your post to other applicable categories.

Image Upload

Your image will be used as a thumbnail and as a feature image. Use your Key Phrase in the Description of this image to help SEO.

Editor Review

Post submissions will be held in draft mode. An editor will review and edit it before publication.