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No Deterioration of Grain for Craft Breweries

No Deterioration of Grain for Craft Breweries

“Coming from Orange County we have a challenging physical location. Industrial space is very expensive, and we needed a system that could handle some decently tight sweeps, that could actually carry the grain a far amount of distance, and could be installed fairly...

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Tubular Drag Conveyors for Beer Breweries

Tubular Drag Conveyors for Beer Breweries

Testimonial Great Service from Cablevey Conveyors Just want to take a moment to pass on a shout out to Cablevey Conveyors for some excellent customer service. 18 years ago we purchased a Cablevey Conveyor system for our grain elevator at Raccoon River Brewing Company....

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Testimonials From Coffee Roasting, Beer Brewing & TiO2 Customers

Great Service from Cablevey Conveyors

Just want to take a moment to pass on a shout out to Cablevey Conveyors for some excellent customer service. 18 years ago we purchased a Cablevey Conveyor system for our grain elevator at Raccoon River Brewing Company. This last spring, Raccoon River closed after our building sold to developers. Now with a new set of partners, I am in process of moving the brewing system to a new location.

While working on the install of the brewery at the new location, I contacted Cablevey Conveyors about some spare parts and imagine my surprise when Leland Cook (who originally sold us the conveyor) showed up at our construction site. Leland offered to send out one of his install guys when we were ready.
Leland sent out Brandee Francisco, who spent nearly a whole day helping my crew get the system up and running. He helped with some insider tips and clear instructions about tight piping tolerances we would’ve been clueless about on our own. The system is now up and running and I’m sure we saved more than a day of frustration with Brandee’s help.

Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the customer service and want to publicly call out Cablevey Conveyors for 18 years of outstanding service. Hats off!
If you are looking for a versatile and compact elevator solution that doesn’t beat up your grain like a flex auger would, contact them. Great product and great service.

David Coy
Brewer @ Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company
101 Main Street SE
Bondurant, IA 50035
(515) 554-8037
[email protected] or
[email protected]

Many of my most cherished memories involve sharing a beer with friends.

In the 40 years I’ve been doing business, Cablevey Company as a whole is easily in the top ten percent!

In the past we moved flake resin pneumatically although it was more or less powder. Before we tried Cablevey, we struggled with keeping product integrity. I had heard of the Cablevey system so I called them and worked out a deal using their product line. Cablevey sent someone down to install their conveyor system and it worked out great.

About a week later, one of the Cablevey guys called to see how it was working. This was Larry Van Zee and he seemed genuinely concerned about this piece of equipment and how it was working for us with this particular product! It was working fine. We called to order another system and then they quoted that for us.

We installed it ourselves. There was a little concern from Cablevey about us doing the install ourselves. We might not put it in properly. But I convinced them we were capable. We did it ourselves around October of 2001. I talked at length to Mit Williams at Cablevey about the constraints and restrictions on angles and tensions. I needed to know that since we were doing our own installation. Mit was extremely helpful and explained the technical guidelines to me. Many companies are secretive about their methods but Cablevey is open.

What I like the most about Cablevey is their straightforward thinking about equipment. They keep it simple and that is the best way to do anything. They have made their conveyor system straightforward so people can use it. I like to call this approach KISS, meaning Keep It Simple Stupid.

In the end, when you’re on the production floor, the truth is that the latest high tech stuff is often difficult to operate! Also, in today’s labor market there may be a language barrier or technical-savvy limits. So if the equipment is really complicated, that makes training longer and harder.

We avoid complicated equipment. We have Cablevey, a straightforward simple system. In the 40 years I’ve been doing business, Cablevey Company as a whole is easily in the top ten percent. I’ve been doing business with Cablevey for five years now and I do not have one single complaint. I don’t know any other company I can say that about.

Danny Tuggle
Crown Technology

We chose Cablevey to move all of our whole bean and ground coffee inside our extensive Camarillo facility.

It is self-cleaning, very productive and results in low breakage so we are extremely happy with the result. We have no maintenance worries. Cablevey even helped us program our customized panel. All my questions were answered promptly and accurately. I can especially vouch for how well suited Cablevey is to conveying beans and ground coffee. We use Cablevey to transport our coffee in various stages of production.

Chris Honeyman,
Mechanical Engineer
International Coffee (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)
Los Angeles, CA

The system has surpassed our expectations, being very reliable, and requiring very little maintenance.

We are now considering extending this system to give greater functionality, and are looking forward to the installation of additional systems.

Douglas White
Plant Engineer
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Waterbury, VT USA

We roast and process tons of coffee continuously in our plant. We used Cablevey in a U pattern to feed whole bean coffee from a roaster into a group of several bins.

By using Cablevey, I could get beans to the bins as gently as a belt-to-bucket system but it’s more reliable and much less expensive. Our goal for whole coffee beans was less than three percent breakage but with Cablevey, we are running at less than one percent. I have five additional Cablevey systems that I’m getting ready to install for moving tea from a 10,000 pound silo using multiple discharge points. The tests ran beautifully. Cablevey is the easiest, most cost- effective way of adding additional conveyor capacity. A lot of cable systems use chain and they are so, so noisy but Cablevey is self-tensioning and much quieter. Once we put the system in, we were done!. The clear tubing gives us a sense of the fill of the product and it looks cool going by! We’ve been using this system continuously since May and we are very happy with the results. If you can use Cablevey to replace a regular bucket and a belt conveyor, do it.

Engineering Manager
S & D Coffee
Concord, NC

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