The State of Conveying

New Research for The Food Processing Industry

Analysis of conveying systems

It’s not every day that our industry delves into the specifics of conveying equipment.

This is because we pay for play (advertise and promote our brands). As equipment manufacturers, we are partial to our own equipment. This bias may not serve your needs if you don’t read the information that best answers your needs, or addresses your pain.

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The report of the findings represents the opinions of 214 Production Managers, Engineers, and Executive Managers working in the food processing industry.

In this 1st ever research report offered by us, Cablevey Conveyors, we commissioned the independent research firm, Ascend2, to survey industry professionals to better understand what the food processing industry is up against, and the role that conveying systems play in how industry decision-makers address these challenges to optimize their operations and support growth. Ascend2 fielded the State of the Conveying Industry survey in February 2022.

The findings include:

  • The TOP CHALLENGES facing the food processing industry.
  • The growth rate of the industry.
  • The GREATEST CHALLENGES with conveying materials.
  • The frequency that the industry evaluates the performance of conveying system(s).
  • The number of conveying systems in facilities.
  • The factors most critical to consider when selecting a conveying system.
  • The TOP CONVEYING SYSTEMS in the food processing industry.
  • The systems most effective at gently conveying.
  • The systems that are the most energy-efficient.
  • The impact that your conveying system has on production efficiency.
  • The most trusted equipment providers.
    And more!

Download the 20-page report for the research findings, analysis, and next steps on how to use the research to prepare for the upcoming years.