Cable Conveyor Discharge Options

Variable Position Discharge for Tube Conveyor Discharge Valve

Choose Cablevey’s variable position discharge option for your tube conveyor discharge valve. The variable position discharge valve allows users to drop fractions of the product from the tube at several locations. The valve is equipped with a stepper motor that positions an inner tube to allow a desired portion of the product to be discharged while the remainder continues on to the next discharge.

5 Reasons to Use a Variable Position Discharge Valve

The variable position discharge valve presents an improved outlet geometry that allows for fractional discharging across multiple drops without product shearing. Other improvements of this tube conveyor discharge valve include:


Improved Design

The original discharge opening would allow particles of the conveyed product to hang half in/half out.  A new teardrop shaped opening was developed to direct the product to fall out or fall in prior to reaching the shear point.

Save Money

Newly designed opening decreases product shearing producing more useable product while saving money and preventing waste.

Continuous Action

The variable position discharge valve allows users to drop fractions of the product out multiple consecutive discharges, allowing a continuous flow of material into hoppers and or bins.

Save Time

The variable position discharge valve facilitates fractional discharging which allows hopper to not receive any product while the system distributes to the other hoppers or bins. The bins could be feeding packaging machines which have a constant demand for the product.

Various Options

Discharging anywhere between 0% of the product to 100% of the product at any given discharge point can be done without any damage to material.


Power SourceStepper Motor
Customer Required Components24-72VDC and Communication Cable
Percentage of Discharged Product0% – 100% at any discharge point
Available Sizes4” and 6”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you operate a variable position discharge valve?
The valve comes with built in logic. End user needs to supply 24-72VDC and communication cable. Currently we have the valve set up to communicate via Modbus/TCP. The program is expecting a valve of 0-100 to represent the percentage of the valve.


Does the variable position discharge valve fit all sizes of tubular drag conveyors?
The variable position discharge valve is an option for all 4-inch and 6-inch systems. Customers that want to discharge all of their conveyed product in only one place do not need this option.


How much does the variable position discharge valve cost compared to a standard discharge valve?
The variable position discharge valve costs twice as much as the standard discharge valve. Cost savings should be calculated on tank size, storage tank cleaning time, pneumatic consumption, etc…


Patented Design # US 9,302,854

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