Cablevey Conveyors test – Dog Treats – Small

March 15, 2021

This product was run in a 6” conveyor. The product moved easily, without increased noise or amp draw and produced very little damage to the product. A full wash down after running the product was performed with no anomalies found. A video of the product entering the inlet, going up the inspection section and discharging was filmed. This product will work very well in a 4”, 6” or 8” Cablevey conveyor.

  • TESTED BY: Scott Berning, Morgan Buford
  • TESTING CONDITIONS: 67 degrees F and 65% relative humidity
  • SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION: The sample was small dog treat pieces. (See picture at end of report
  • TEST OBJECTIVE: Determine how well a Cablevey conveyor would move this product and to understand the product to better predict long term performance.
  • TEST PROCEDURES: Standard lab procedures were used for bulk densities, slip angles, angle of repose, pull tests, and practical conveying.
  • EQUIPMENT USED: 6″ conveyor, pull-test apparatus, and standard lab bench test equipment.


Bench Tests

6″ Cube (lb) 3.35 Bulk Density (lbs./ ft.3) 26.8
Stainless steel slip Angle 35 Coefficient of Friction .700
Angle of Repose 25 Coefficient of Friction .466

*Slip angle determines the products friction against stainless steel
*Repose angle is the products internal frictions.


4″ Conveyor Fill Speed (Hz.) Motor Amps Noise (dBa)
Empty 0% 20 7.8 85
Loaded 60% 20 7.6 79
Loaded, 30 minutes

The conveyor was running at 20 htz. which equates to 46 ft/minute. This was run in a 6” conveyor using UHMW discs, 304 Stainless enclosed tubing, stainless steel coated cable and the distance from disc to disc is 6”

Conveyor dimensions are 43’ horizontal from the inlet into vertical 13’ back to horizontal 26’ to the discharge point.

5.4 hp motor on the drive with ABB ACS355 VFD

Test System Used

Dog Treats - Small

Dog Treats – Small