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Supervised Conveyor Installation

Smooth Operations with Supervised Conveyor Installation

A tubular cable and drag style conveyor is uniquely engineered to transport delicate materials gently. The tubes form a continuous loop that must be carefully assembled for a tight fit to ensure no gaps between sections or misalignment. Infeed and discharge outlets must be in the proper place and coordinated to function with the tubular conveyor. In short, while the modular components lend great flexibility to system design, each component must act in concert with the rest for proper conveyor functionality.

Whether relying on internal staff members for installation or contracting the job to an outside team of millwrights or skilled pipefitters, supervised conveyor installation can ensure the system is installed for proper operations. Companies can schedule an experienced Cablevey technician to manage the onsite installation.

Our dedicated technicians have logged hundreds if not thousands of hours in various manufacturing facilities around the globe, focused on one type of equipment—our conveyors. This singular focus provides them with a knowledge base and expertise to help the installation process run smoothly and prevent issues that can lead to system inefficiencies, product loss, or worse, complete system failure.

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cbl service supervised installation cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cablevey

Multiple Tools Aid Installation Process

An installation manual is included with each system, with detailed instructions for each part of the system. In addition, each part or component of the conveyor has a QR code, which links to a video demonstrating proper installation for that part.

As part of the supervised installation, the Cablevey technician will:

  • Ensure hangers are positioned correctly
  • Couplings are properly torqued to specifications
  • The system is properly cleaned to remove any metal fragments or foreign contaminants
  • Infeed or inlets are in place
  • Discharges are functioning
  • No gaps or tube misalignment exist

Supervised Installation Maintains the System Warranty

Customers are encouraged to read through the installation manual, which includes a copy of the standard warranty. Under the terms of the warranty, the gear motor is guaranteed for one year. System components are warranted under regular use and service for 90 days from the date of purchase when the system is installed within its recommended limitations.

Part of this recommendation includes installation under the supervision of the Cablevey technician. Supervised installation preserves the warranty for system components, while commissioning extends the warranty for system components for 12 months.

The supervised installation will help provide smooth operations, optimal throughput and a longer lifespan for the system and its parts. Call our service department today to schedule your supervised installation appointment.

cbl sup install cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cablevey

Correctly installing Cablevey Conveyors means the difference between your material making it to its designated area…or not.

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