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Frozen Food

Consumers warm up to the frozen food aisle

Frozen food sales, which had been steadily declining, warmed up during the pandemic as anxious consumers looked for products with a longer shelf life to ensure supply. This reintroduced consumers to frozen food’s quality, variety, and sustainability for a sudden surge in sales that had the frozen food category outgrowing fresh by 230% in the past year. Ready meals, mixes, and blends, among other products, experience a high degree of popularity in the frozen food section. Variety and flavor combinations are designed to retain consumer interest in this category. 

Flexibility of tubular conveyor system preserves floor space

Cablevey tubular drag conveyors are known for gently transporting delicate food products and ingredients, like frozen fruits and vegetables. The moisture content of frozen fruits and vegetables renders them fragile and tricky to transport. High speeds or elevated temperatures can cause thawing and product degradation through friction or processing. Our conveyors combine gentle transport with desired throughput speed while preventing unwanted thawing and preserving product integrity.  
Maximize productivity while maintaining product quality of frozen fruits, vegetables, and blends with a tubular drag system conveyor with Stainless Steel and polycarbonate (clear) tubing – ideal for a variety of frozen fruits, vegetables and blends . The modular design of our cable and disc conveyor systems offers flexibility for myriad configurations within an economical plant footprint to help preserve valuable floor space. A minimal number of parts in various sizes, tube diameters, and tube materials combine to expand system layout potential in terms of direction changes or multiple inlets/outlets.

Clearly, a Cleaner, Safer way to Convey Frozen Foods

Find out how this frozen food processor saved energy, improved food safety and maintained desired throughput with modern conveying technologies.

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Choosing the Right Conveyor System for Frozen Food View Conveyor System Details

Gentle on materials

Gently convey delicate and friable materials through all phases of the production process. Our cable and tube conveyor design preserves product integrity to minimize breakage and loss.

Easy to Clean

Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time between changeovers and preserve resources. Clean-in-place methods are also available to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime.

Operates on multiple planes

Layouts to fit any configuration or elevation for multiple inlets and discharges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tubular cable and disc conveyor system move raw materials other than frozen vegetables?

Yes. Our frozen food conveyor systems are designed to move frozen vegetable ingredients, frozen fruit, and frozen meat, such as frozen chicken strips.

Are cable and tube frozen food conveyor systems safe and sanitary?

Yes. The enclosed tube environment keeps your materials clean, free of contaminants, and safe while in transit. Enclosed tubes also serve to keep wastage low and your plant clean.

How is a tube conveying system cleaned?

Wet cleaning, dry, and in-line cleaning options are available for the Cablevey conveying equipment. As part of our engineering and service process, we will work with you to determine the best cleaning solution for your needs and train you on how to use specified equipment.

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