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Cable & Tubular Drag Conveyor Systems

Cablevey tubular drag conveyor systems are designed to move materials in a safe, clean and efficient manner. Our cable and tube conveyors are ideal for moving materials and mixes in a dust-free, contamination-free way. And they’re ideal for conveying delicate bulk materials through all phases of the production and packaging processes.

How It Works

Our cable and tube conveyor technology feature the combination of conveyance tubes with cables and discs attached at set intervals. This design serves to gently handle materials from an inlet to discharge by holding materials between the discs within an enclosed tube. Materials are not blown about or forced around sweeps. They’re carried without bumping, battering, stress or friction. Breakage is thereby kept to a minimum. For fragile materials, safe handling means the difference between profitability and loss.

Proven Results

We have installed tubular drag conveyor systems in over 65 countries around the world to move nearly 1,000 different types of materials. Whether you’re a food processor, pharmaceutical company or industrial business, Cablevey Conveyors can provide you the right conveying system for your needs and plant configuration. Our tubular drag technology systems are highly customizable and offer flexible layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

With cable and tubular drag conveyors, how far can materials be moved?

We have conveyed materials up to 300ft (91m), however the maximum conveying distance is ultimately determined by the type of product to be conveyed, the capacity required and the number of sweeps (directional changes) needed for the intended configuration.

What happens if the cable breaks?

Under normal conditions, high tensile aircraft cables will not break. Further, built-in safety systems are designed to shutdown tensioning units when foreign objects block the cable and disc from traveling inside the tube. In the rare event that a cable breaks, a 10ft (3m) section of new cable can be easily spliced into the system.

What kind of products do you move?

Cablevey tube conveyor uses have spanned the globe to convey over 900 types of materials moved in over 65 countries. Our equipment services many of the largest food processing companies both in the United States and abroad.  Cable and conveyor uses can include moving just about anything that will fit into a tube. But the most common applications fall into these categories: small and powdered materials, sanitary materials (food product), toxic materials, and delicate materials. Check out the Uses tab for more information. 

How do you clean the conveyor?

Each facility develops their own cleaning protocols based on the sanitation regulations and the challenges of their products. There are different methods offered to clean and sanitize your Cablevey conveyor depending on what material is being moved.  If the material being moved responds favorably to water, then a wet method can be used to clean and sanitize the enclosed system. Cablevey offers several components to help wet or dry clean your system. Check out the cleaning option under the How It Works tab to learn more. 


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