State Of Conveying 2023 Report

White Paper: Designing the Right Conveyor Solution

Want to know the secret to taking control of operating and maintenance costs?

This doesn’t happen at the back end, but at the front end of any conveying project. Cablevey Conveyors has created a Design Selection White Paper to outline all the key considerations you need to know before configuring a tubular drag conveying system.

The White Paper outlines the critical elements for proper tubular conveyor design:

  • Making efficient use of existing space
  • Conserving energy
  • Simplifying maintenance to ease labor requirements
  • Cutting waste by preserving product integrity
  • Available cleaning techniques for avoiding cross-contamination or environmental dust

Read how flexible and versatile tubular drag conveyor components can be designed for optimum performance in your facility.

Download the Cablevey Conveyors white paper on Tubular Drag Conveyor System Design.

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