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Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Tubular Drag Cable and Disc Conveyors

the ultimate guide disc conveyors cover cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cableveyIn industrial and commercial facilities, some materials are challenging to transport using traditional conveyance methods. These include delicate and fragile materials, powdered or granular materials, and clean or toxic materials, many of which are needed in bulk volumes for various production operations.

What tubular drag cable system configuration is the best choice for your facility? Tubular drag cable and disc conveyors gently, cleanly, and reliably move materials through production facilities. Whether the materials are wet or dry and hot or cold, they can deliver them from room to room, floor to floor, and even building to building effectively and efficiently.  

In our Ultimate Guide, we provide a comprehensive overview of enclosed tubular drag cable and disc conveyors technology and operations: 

  • How they work 
  • Benefits 
  • Product options 
  • Key features to take into consideration 

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