State Of Conveying 2023 Report

Clearvey™ System

What is Clearvey™

The Clearvey™  system was originally designed for the nut industry because the stainless steel system would cause rubbing between the nut and the stainless and turn the nut black. The Clearvey™ also can run frozen foods very well because the temp of the food won’t change compared to the stainless. 

Tubular drag cable conveyors gently move product through a sealed clear plastic tube using a coated, flexible stainless-steel drag cable pulled through on a loop. Solid circular discs (flights) are attached to the cable, which push the product through the tube without the use of air. These conveyors excel in transporting delicate, precise blends for a wide variety of food types in versatile layouts and configurations.

Benefits Of Using Clearvey™

Good for visual appearance

Clear tubing is very quiet

Perfect For Nuts And Frozen Foods

Why Should You Consider Using Clearvey™ System

Power Consumption

The drag cable pulls the solid circular discs (flights) attached to the cable at low speed through a loop, which requires less energy than conventional methods.


Closed systems like tubular drag cable conveyors and pneumatic units effectively seal off product from the outside environment and any potential contamination from that source.

Product Preservation

Enclosed conveyors prevent the product loss intrinsic to open systems such as belt or bucket utilizing units. Once food product is in the enclosed tube, it cannot fall out, and no powdered product is lost in the form of escaped dust.

Production Uptime

To reduce production downtime, food processors also increasingly expect conveyor systems to be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Clearvey™ System Sizes

4" (100mm)

4” Diameter Tube Conveyor Systems

Our most popular size conveyor system, dubbed the “workhorse,” the 4-inch system gently conveys whole bean roasted coffee, raw peanuts, seeds and grains.

*Lbs. per hour calculation depends on bulk density of the materials

6" (150mm)

6” Diameter Tube Conveyor Systems

Offers high volume conveyance of specialty materials, foods and ingredients and movement from one plane to another, such as floor to mezzanine or an adjacent building.

*Lbs. per hour calculation depends on bulk density of the materials

8" (200mm)

8” Diameter Tube Conveyor Systems

Our newest introduction for tube diameters, the 8-inch system is designed to carry large volume of nuts, whole walnuts, pet foods, breakfast cereals and other materials.

*Lbs. per hour calculation depends on bulk density of the materials

Tech Center for Product Testing

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