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Specialty Seeds and Beans

The world of specialty seeds and beans is a treasure trove of unique tastes, textures, and nutritional benefits, delighting gourmets and health enthusiasts alike. Yet, the journey these little wonders take from the farm to your plate is equally fascinating. By utilizing Cablevey’s tubular dry bean conveyor belt system, you can improve the production efficiency in your factory without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

What Are Tubular Conveyors?

Tubular conveyors, the unsung heroes in various industries, are a unique material handling solution designed to transport bulk materials discreetly and efficiently. Picture a robust tube with a series of discs attached to a chain or cable running through it. As the cable or chain moves on a belt conveyor system, it gently pushes the material from one end of the conveyor to the other, all while preserving the integrity of the material. 

Their enclosed, dust-tight design is excellent for preventing contamination and spillage, and their flexibility allows them to navigate complex paths and multiple planes. This makes them an ideal choice for industries that handle delicate, mixed, or hazardous materials, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and more.

Importance of Proper Handling of Specialty Seeds and Beans

Investing in proper handling methods, such as gentle transport systems like tubular conveyors, can ensure the protection of these valuable products during their journey from farm to table. Having this in mind, here are some of the reasons why proper handling of specialty seeds and beans is utmost:

Preservation of quality
Specialty seeds and beans often have unique attributes like flavor, texture, color, and size, which contribute to their special appeal. Mishandling during transportation or processing could alter these qualities, lowering the product's overall value and appeal.
Nutrient retention
Specialty seeds and beans are rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Proper handling ensures these nutrients are preserved, contributing to the health benefits these foods offer.
Prevention of damage and waste
These products can be fragile and prone to damage if not handled carefully. Proper handling helps prevent breakage and waste, thereby ensuring maximum yield.
Food safety
Proper handling helps prevent contamination with harmful substances, ensuring that the seeds and beans are safe for consumption. This is particularly important given the strict food safety regulations in many countries.
Economic considerations
Specialty seeds and beans often fetch higher prices in the market due to their unique characteristics. Therefore, preserving their quality through proper handling can significantly impact a company's bottom line.

Specialty Seeds and Beans Are a Global Pantry Staple

Specialty seeds and beans constitute a pantry staple for much of the world’s population due to their nutritional profile and long storage life. A wide variety of beans, such as red kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, black beans, and more, contribute to myriad health benefits.

Not to mention how they pose as an inexpensive source of protein with an impressive vitamin and mineral composition. As consumers continue to lean into meatless meal options, specialty beans can look to an anticipated compound annual growth rate or CAGR of at least 5% through 2026.

Avoid Damaging Specialty Seeds and Beans With Tubular Conveying

Proper handling during processing and conveying helps retain product integrity as a hallmark of quality for all types of beans and seeds. Processors should make every effort to minimize seed coat damage, which is a cumulative result or effect of each stage of physical handling and processing. 

Industrial conveyor belt systems are designed to move fragile foods such as beans and seeds without stress, bumping, battering, or friction. These systems reduce breakage and enhance cleanliness. A tubular conveyor can also transport all beans in their various forms, including:

  • Dried, 
  • Frozen, 
  • Pre-cooked, 
  • Dehydrated powders and flakes. 

If you are looking for an efficient conveying solution, Cablevey Conveyors has flexible and customizable systems that can fit your plant configuration, supplying safe and gentle transport to preserve product quality and profitability.

Tubular Drag Conveyors Are Ideal for Gentle Handling

These systems are an exemplary choice for operations that require gentle handling of materials, such as specialty seeds and beans. The systems with a conveyor belt for food are designed with precision to ensure that materials transported, whether they are delicate seeds or bulkier beans, maintain their integrity. 

That way, the potential for product damage due to drops or harsh movements will be eliminated. In essence, these systems bring together the best of both worlds – the efficiency of a conveyor system with the careful handling of manual labor. This combination makes them an ideal choice for industries dealing with delicate or high-value materials.

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Uphold the Quality and Integrity of Your Precious Goods With Cablevay's Dry Bean Conveyor

To safeguard the value of your specialty seeds and beans, the journey from harvest to consumer must be meticulously managed. The robust and gentle handling capabilities of Cablevey Conveyors ensure the quality and integrity of your precious goods remain uncompromised. 

In a world where every detail matters, choosing the right conveyor system can significantly impact your business’ success. Don’t leave your products to chance – contact us and let Cablevey Conveyors assist you in delivering the best possible products to your consumers.


How Does Tubular Conveying Help in Preserving Specialty Seeds and Beans?

Tubular conveying systems offer a significant advantage in preserving the integrity of specialty seeds and beans. Unlike some pneumatic conveyor systems, which can generate a lot of heat and damage fragile items, tubular conveyors ensure gentle handling of the seeds and beans, thus maintaining their quality and nutritional value.

The seed coat, or the outer layer of seeds, is often sensitive and susceptible to damage during processing. If damaged, the seed may lose its ability to germinate or its nutritional value. Automation conveyor systems need to be chosen carefully to minimize this risk.

Tubular drag conveyors are designed to minimize breakage. They use discs attached to a chain or cable that gently push the product through the tube. This contrasts with a conveyor belt for a warehouse, which may cause more breakage due to the drops and impacts associated with standard belt systems.

Tubular conveyors can handle a variety of beans and seeds. Whether large or small, round or irregularly shaped, these systems can accommodate different sizes and forms without compromising the product’s integrity.

Tubular conveying systems are highly customizable. They can be designed to fit the specific needs of a plant configuration. A custom conveyor belt can be manufactured to cater to unique requirements, making them an adaptable solution for different plant designs.

Stress-free and frictionless conveying, as offered by tubular drag conveyors, reduces the risk of product damage, increases the life of the conveyor, and minimizes maintenance requirements. It ensures the product moves smoothly and continuously, maintaining its original form.

Tubular conveying systems are enclosed, which significantly enhances cleanliness and hygiene. It minimizes dust generation and protects the product from external contamination. This is especially crucial in food processing, where hygiene standards are stringent.

Tubular conveying systems can significantly enhance overall processing efficiency. They offer high throughput rates, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance, contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective operation.

Tubular conveyors are flexible and can be integrated into existing processing lines with relative ease. Their compact design and ability to navigate complex routes make them a versatile addition to any processing line.

Tubular drag conveyors are indeed suitable for large-scale production. They can handle high volumes of products and are robust enough to operate continuously for extended periods. As part of a bulk material handling equipment setup, they’re often a cornerstone of efficient large-scale operations.

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