Cablevey Tube Conveyor Services

Conveyor Design, Installation & Maintenance

At Cablevey, we pride ourselves in offering superior tube conveyor services. Our goal is to be the best in customer service. We accomplish that by offering a full range of integrated services including conveyor engineering, installation and maintenance.


Our cable and disc conveyor engineering services begin with a design team that creates customized solutions for each and every installation. With over 45 years of experience and a library of the best in cable and disc conveyor components, our engineers are well-equipped to create solutions for conveying your materials in the most efficient and cost-effective manners. Top of mind issues to consider in tubular conveyor design and engineering include: friability, maintaining batch integrity, speed, efficiency, contamination, cleanliness, energy consumption and cost.


Supervised Conveyor Installation

Over 30,000 Cablevey conveyor installations have been completed in over 65 countries around the world. Installation supervision is for customers to have one of our Conveyor Technicians be on-site to supervise the installation.  Our conveyor technicians work closely with our engineering department and your staff to ensure the highest efficiency possible. Commissioning is another service offered by Cablevey to help aid installation. One of our conveyor technicians arrives on-site when all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic installation is completed. We will provide operations and training for our equipment to your personnel present at this time. Contact us when you have a scheduled completion date and we can send a commission technician proposal to you.



    Customer service reps are available to help troubleshoot issues, maintain existing equipment, and train new staff. They’re also always on the look-out for potential problems, and are trained in new technologies that may help you achieve greater levels of output and efficiency. Annual service training and recommended maintenance schedules are also available to help achieve maximum output from your conveyor.


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