Cablevey Tube Conveyor Services

Conveyor Design, Installation & Maintenance

At Cablevey, we pride ourselves in offering superior tube conveyor services. Our goal is to be the best in customer service. We accomplish that by offering a full range of integrated services including conveyor engineering, installation supervision, and annual service training.

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Supervised Conveyor Installation

Installation supervision is for our customers to have one of our Service Technicians be on-site to supervise the installation of your conveyor. Our service technicians work closely with our engineering department and your staff to ensure the highest efficiency possible. 

When our systems are installed by your in-house staff, or by hired millwrights, with our staff on-hand to direct and supervise the process you are guaranteed success.



Commissioning is another service offered by Cablevey to help ensure your conveyor is installed and running properly. One of our service technicians arrives on-site when all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic installation is complete and your material is ready to be introduced to the system.  We will provide operations and training to your personnel present at this time. A 12- month warranty is offered for this service (if a warranty issue may occur). Contact us when you have a scheduled installation completion date and we can send a technician proposal to you.


Annual Service Training

Cablevey service technicians are available to work with your current and new staff to help gain a general understanding of how the system works and why it is necessary to properly maintain. Annual service training includes:

  • Training for new staff
  • Preventive maintenance 
  • Safety training
  • Cablevey Terminology
  • Printed Manuals
  • Predictive maintenance instruction
  • Cable Connection hands-on instruction
  • System Tensioning instruction
  • Timing
  • Email Information on updates and continuous improvements to equipment

Annual Service Training will take place at your location with both a classroom learning environment as well as hands-on when your system is available.


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