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Tubular drag conveying systems serve as a transformative tool in the coffee industry, ensuring efficient and careful handling of coffee, whether as beans or ground. With a focus on preventing contamination, ensuring energy efficiency, and minimizing product loss, Cablevey’s coffee bean conveyor contributes significantly to the overall productivity and sustainability of a coffee processing plant. Stick around to learn more about these systems and how they can impact your coffee production.

What Are Tubular Drag Conveying Systems?

Tubular drag conveying systems are a type of bulk material handling equipment used for the transportation of goods in various industries. They consist of a sturdy tube that contains a chain or cable with attached discs. As this cable or chain moves through the tube, the discs create a drag that propels the product down the line. 

These systems are highly versatile, capable of moving a wide variety of materials from fine powders to large, solid objects. They can accommodate numerous inlets and discharges and can be configured to handle complex routes with both horizontal and vertical curves.

How Does It Work With Coffee?

The system is designed to gently move the coffee to prevent damage to the beans or grounds. It’s highly adaptable, capable of moving the resources vertically, horizontally, or around corners. The tubular drag conveying system can handle a wide variety of products, from whole beans to finely ground coffee, ensuring they are transported efficiently and safely from one point to another within the production facility. It’s particularly beneficial in preserving the quality and integrity of the coffee while reducing the chances of product loss or contamination.

What Are the Benefits of Cablevey Conveyor Belt System?

Cablevey conveyor belt systems offer numerous advantages in material handling processes across a variety of industries. Our primary components, including our custom conveyor belt, conveyor belt for food, and industrial conveyor belt, are remarkably flexible and modular, thereby providing effortless adaptability to meet the specific needs of any manufacturing floor.

So, if you want an effective and efficient solution to modern material handling challenges, make sure to check all the benefits you’ll experience when using our systems:

Operates on multiple planes

Designs are adaptable to any structure or height for numerous entry and exit points.

Power savings

By calculating the cumulative power output of every motor in the aged pneumatic conveyor systems and contrasting it with the single 5HP motor of the new Cablevey system, we identified an approximate drop of 70% in energy use.

Low-impact installation

The conveyor's modular structure provides exceptional adaptability and diversity for setup or enhancements when required. It accommodates restricted floor area and can navigate upward and downward slopes, as well as bends, including 45, 60, and 90-degree turns.

Gentle on materials

This system carefully transports fragile and brittle substances throughout all production stages. The design of our cable and tube conveyor safeguards the quality of products to limit fragmentation and wastage.

Coffee Trends Fuel Increased Demand

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world today. In the U.S. alone, 60% of consumers drink coffee daily, more than any other beverage, including water. As evidence of its popularity and reach, several coffee varieties and trends have increased, including nitro coffee (with added nitrogen gas), adaptogen blends, and alcohol-infused coffee.

This also extended to variations with exotic milk or the one used in specialty drinks, which are generally plant-based, stemming from soy, almonds, hazelnuts, or coconuts, to name a few. Projections show coffee growth to continue with an anticipated compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 5-7% over the next five years.

Gently Convey Coffee Materials From Beans to Powders

The moisture content of a dried, processed coffee bean ranges from 10-12%. This makes beans brittle and sensitive to shock, vibration, or changes in humidity. Ground coffee’s fine texture also renders it a delicate material that requires careful handling – hundreds of packaging and coffee roasting facilities around the world enjoy gentle coffee product conveyance thanks to Cablevey Conveyors. 

A tubular drag conveying system significantly reduces product damage to minimize the waste of delicate beans and other coffee products. With a Cablevey tubular drag system conveyor, you’ll be able to maintain product quality while maximizing productivity, including that of green coffee beans, roasted beans, ground coffee, and powdered (soluble) coffee.

Choose from among our 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-inch diameter systems depending on the desired volume of up to 80,000 lbs/hr. Solid circular discs attached to the central flexible steel drag cable, staggered at precise intervals, push the product through the tube without air or excessive force for gentle transport. To get a better understanding of how our system works, check out the video below.

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Choosing the Right Conveyor System for Coffee

Read the analysis of an industry expert who sifts through the multiple options available for coffee conveying, comparing and ranking the various technologies.

Boost Coffee Production Efficiency With Cablevey's Revolutionary Tubular Drag Conveying Systems

Experience the revolution in coffee production first-hand with Cablevey’s innovative tubular drag conveying systems. Our technologically advanced systems guarantee energy efficiency, minimized product loss, and a remarkable increase in your overall productivity. Whether it’s handling delicate whole beans or finely ground coffee, our conveying systems ensure the utmost quality and integrity throughout the entire process. 

Don’t let your operations fall behind in the rapidly evolving coffee industry. Contact us today to discuss how Cablevey Conveyors can optimize your production process, making it smoother, more efficient, and more profitable than ever before. Take the next step in your journey with Cablevey Conveyors, where quality meets innovation.

Cablevey Conveyors Offers a Gentle Way to Convey


Why Is a Tubular Drag Conveying System Suitable for Coffee Production?

Tubular conveyor systems are used in rice processing due to their gentle handling of the product. These systems reduce breakage and degradation, which is crucial in maintaining the quality and appearance of paddy grain.

Yes, tubular drag conveying systems can handle a wide variety of coffee types. The design of these systems allows for the transport of anything from whole beans to finely ground coffee. The systems’ customizable nature makes them versatile for a range of products.

These systems maintain coffee quality by providing a gentle, closed-environment transport. The coffee is moved slowly to prevent damage, and the closed system protects it from environmental contaminants. This ensures that the product reaches its destination in the same condition it entered the system.

The benefits of using a tubular drag conveying system in coffee processing plants include enhanced product integrity, improved energy efficiency, and increased productivity. The systems’ gentle handling reduces coffee breakage, while their efficient design reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, they can handle high product volumes and be configured to suit the specific layout of a facility, thereby improving the overall production process.

The tubular drag conveying systems are highly flexible and can be customized to fit any production facility’s unique requirements. This includes the system’s size, shape, and the number and positioning of inlets and outlets. This makes them ideal for facilities of all sizes and layouts.

This is a closed system, which means it provides an inherent level of protection against environmental contaminants. Additionally, the system’s components can be made from food-grade materials to further ensure the purity of the coffee. Also, cleaning procedures can be implemented to maintain the hygiene of the conveyor.

By using a single motor to move a large volume of product, these systems reduce energy requirements compared to other conveying methods. This results in lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact.

They are designed to handle materials gently. They move at a slower pace compared to other systems, reducing the risk of damaging delicate coffee beans or grounds. This results in less product loss and ensures the highest quality product reaches the end of the production line.

Indeed, tubular drag conveying systems are designed to handle high volumes of products, making them ideal for large-scale production. They can be scaled up to meet the demands of any production volume, ensuring a consistent and efficient flow of coffee through the production process.

They contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption, minimizing product waste, and ensuring efficient use of space.

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