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Rely on the established leader in the food processing industry for gentle, reliable conveyance of materials. Cablevey Conveyors offers enclosed, tubular drag conveyor systems that are found in over 65 countries and used to transport more than 1,000 different types of materials. 

Our modular system relies on basic components such as discs, tubing, cables, and sweeps that supply the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate a processing plant’s space and specifications. This flexibility easily enables customization – you can move materials in any direction, horizontally or vertically, from floor to mezzanine or between buildings, with minimal modifications to your facility. 

From powders to pet food, coffee, and cocoa to cereals or snacks, Cablevey Conveyors provides unique benefits that help widen profit margins. Let us help you drastically minimize product breakage and conserve energy with disc and cable tubular conveyors from Cablevey Conveyors!

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System Features and Benefits

Easy To Clean

Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce the time between changeovers and preserve resources. Clean-in-place methods are also available to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Enclosed, Sanitary and Dust Free Environment

Enclosed tube conveyors improve plant safety and hygiene by drastically reducing the amount of dust while protecting against product contamination.

Operates on Multiple Planes

A tubular conveyor can be designed with layouts to fit any configuration or elevation, with multiple inlets and discharges.

Low Impact Installation

The modular design provides tubular drag conveyors with immense flexibility and versatility for conveyor installation or upgrades as needed. The system fits within floor space limitations, up (ascending) and down (descending) inclines or around corners (sweeps at 45, 60, and 90-degree angles).

Low Maintenance

Tubular drag conveyors are designed to require simple pneumatic tensioning for the cables, and they require very little maintenance.

Blend Integrity

A disc system mounted on the cable keeps contents secure from inlet to discharge. It safeguards pre-blended mixes of varying bulk densities to eliminate sifting or product loss.

Quiet and Energy Efficient

The engineered design requires lower horsepower motors. It has lower energy requirements, and its operations are quiet.

Size and Capacity Matter. We Have a System that Works.

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Modular Components Allow for Flexbility and Easy System Integration



The cable is pulled through the drive unit by an electric gear motor
mounted to a stainless steel frame. The cable can enter and exit through
either tube port as required for your layout.

Funnels are used to discharge material from rotary discharges and/or cleanouts.
Funnel outlets are available in a wide variety of sizes and connection types to fit your needs.
The Inspection Section is a food grade plastic tube that
allows you to see the product conveyed and observe the cleaning process.
These sections can be installed in the vertical or horizontal runs as desired.
Sweeps change travel to any desired direction. Sweeps are available in many
angles from 0-90 degrees and in several different
radius dimensions (45, 60, & 90 degrees) to fit restricted spaces.
The coupler’s food grade rubber gasket ensures
a good seal against air, water and dust. The coupler holds the tubes
together in perfect alignment to provide the discs a smooth path.
Inlets are available in a wide variety of lengths to accommodate various needs.
The sides of the inlets are available in different slopes to accommodate
different material flow properties. Multiple inlets may be used if desired.
The turnaround contains a sprocket that facilitates reversing
cable direction from the return side of the system to the product conveying side.
The sprocket is mounted on a mechanism designed to provide proper cable tension.
The discharge has the ability to be open or closed allowing
materials either to pass through or exit the conveyor at that point.
A Brush Box is a housing that the cable and discs pass through.
The Brush Box contains two roller brushes mounted above and below the cable and discs.
As the cable moves through the discs turn the brushes removing any clinging
particles into a waste chute for disposal. This mechanical process
operates without additional power requirements.

Flexible Tubular Conveyor Layouts and Design



 HVH layouts carry materials from point to point and at varying altitudes. 

Horizontal Corner

Horizontal corner layouts, typically 90, 75, or 60 degrees, can be customized to a 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ radius.


Loop layouts move materials in a tight or pre-defined space and allow for multiple inlets.



Inline layouts are the simplest installations for point-to-point conveyance.


Horizontal Transfer

Horizontal transfer layouts allow for long runs and can accommodate multiple inlets.


Horizontal-Vertical Horizontal 3D

Horizontal-Vertical-Horizontal layouts carry materials from point-to-point and at varying altitudes.



U-Shape layouts move materials in tight or pre-defined spaces and allow for multiple inlets.


Vertical Transfer

Vertical transfer layouts are often used to move materials to and from mezzanines. Vertical transfers also commonly blend ingredients via multiple inlets.


Customize a Layout for Your Facility. Call Cablevey Today.

At Cablevey Conveyors, we understand that every facility has its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we specialize in creating customized conveyor layouts tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing a system that fits seamlessly into your existing space, maximizing efficiency while minimizing disruption. Whatever material you’re handling, our tubular conveyor systems will be engineered to meet your demands. 

With our advanced conveyor technologies and innovative designs, we ensure gentle handling, contamination prevention, and energy efficiency. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Contact us today to discuss how we can design the perfect conveyor solutions that elevate your facility’s operations. Remember, the best conveying solutions are just a conversation away. 

We Move Leading Brands Forward

Frequently Asked Questions

We have conveyed materials up to 300 ft (91m). However, the maximum conveying distance is ultimately determined by the type of product to be conveyed, the capacity required, and the number of sweeps (directional changes) needed for the intended configuration.

Cablevey Conveyors tube conveyor installation spans the globe to convey over 1,000 types of materials moved in over 65 countries. Our equipment services many of the largest food processing companies both in the United States and abroad.

Yes, they are. We always include custom conveyor engineering in our quotes as production processes, facility size, and configurations are highly variable. We pride ourselves in being sticklers about efficiency, savings, and safety.

We offer a range of tube diameters from two to eight inches. Recommended tube sizes vary by particle size and capacity requirements. Our engineers will design a system customized to your needs.

Each facility develops its own cleaning protocols based on the sanitation regulations and the challenges of its products. There are different methods offered to clean and sanitize your Cablevey conveyor depending on the material being moved. Our systems can accommodate a range of cleaning options, including wet, dry, and clean-in-place types of cleanings.

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