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About Cablevey

Cablevey Conveyors—The Gentle Way to Convey

Cablevey® Conveyors designs and manufactures tubular drag and cable materials handling equipment and systems.

We’ve earned a global reputation as the industry leader for gentle yet efficient conveying technology that protects the integrity of friable materials. Based in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Cablevey has designed, engineered, and serviced its enclosed cable and disc tube conveyors for over 50 years with installations in over 65 countries.

May River Capital acquired Cablevey in 2021. This acquisition maintained the essential character already established at Cablevey while expanding our capability to test and refine new products for our Tier 1 customers in our core food and beverage sectors, such as tree nuts, coffee, breakfast cereal, grains and pet food. It also broadened our reach into other areas of bulk material handling of delicate products, including pharmaceuticals, and a broad range of industrial materials including powders, plastics, pellets and more.

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Our Mission

Cablevey is dedicated to helping food processors and manufacturers move friable materials through our enclosed tube conveyor technology, with our goal to advance profitability, enhance worker and plant safety, promote greater hygiene, protect material integrity, and conserve energy. Our conveying systems are clean, fast and cost effective to install and maintain.

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System Advantages

Some of the largest Fortune 100 brands in the food processing industry trust our conveying technology to gently move friable materials. We offer more than twenty patented innovations for our enclosed tubular technology systems. Our materials handling solutions:

  • Preserve product integrity
  • Perform efficiently
  • Supply system durability
  • Incorporate corrosion resistant components
  • FDA compliant
  • Offer design flexibility
  • Fit within space limitations
  • Improve plant hygiene
  • Limit foreign contamination
  • Easy to clean CIP Solutions


At Cablevey, we define sustainability as progressing towards improved stewardship of resources on a local, regional and global level, with resources including people and the planet. We make a conscious effort to improve sustainability within our community, through our engineered system design and by our business practices.

  •  We employ people from the local area and offer continual training and education.
  • We support local businesses, from grocery stores to food pantries, and welders to hardware stores.
  • We make a conscious effort to green up our operating spaces and manufacturing locales.
  • We designed our systems to sharply decrease the amount of power required, with smaller motors and efficient use of energy resources.
  • We help companies transform waste into a commodity, reclaiming products with our conveyors such as coffee fines, juice pulp and even cookie crumbs for recycling and reuse.

For more information about energy conservation with Cablevey conveyors, check out our energy comparison chart here.

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Global Presence, Service and Support

In addition to systems at work in more than 65 countries around the world at some of the largest Fortune 100 food processing companies, Cablevey has such a commanding presence due to our service and support. Our reach into countries around the world stems in part from our global network of manufacturer’s reps for aftermarket/spare parts, and supervised installation and service support.

Looking for a representative near you? Please contact us to provide you with our local agent information.

Need Additional Solutions for Complex Bulk Solids Material Processing?

The May River family of process equipment manufacturing brands: Cablevey, Spiroflow, Kason, and Marion, offers industry leading advanced material handling equipment and engineering capabilities to address your most complex bulk solids material processing needs.


ahs automated handling solutions cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cablevey

Automated Handling Solutions (AHS) has aligned Cablevey Conveyors and Spiroflow to be the leading provider of automation solutions, as well as specialized material handling equipment such as enclosed conveyor systems. AHS’ products serve customers in regulated end markets such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, specialty chemical, and general industrial processing.

amp advances material processing cable & disc tubular drag conveyor systems | cablevey
By aligning two leading industrial processing manufacturers known for their customized solutions, AMP is creating synergies to offer new solutions addressing the greater material processing needs of our customers. AMP will help lay the groundwork for the Kason and Marion teams to expand their platform, addressing even more applications in multiple end markets.
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An Automated Handling Solutions Company

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An Automated Handling Solutions Company

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An Advanced Material Processing Company

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An Advanced Material Processing Company

Finally, we believe in quality, integrity, and honesty.

To us that means promises made, promises kept.

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