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Conveyor Monitoring System Camera

Inspection Camera for Conveyor Monitoring System

Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your Cablevey conveyor with our cutting-edge inspection camera for conveyor monitoring system. Designed to guarantee accurate installation and diligent maintenance, our diagnostic cameras effortlessly navigate through tubular drag systems. Equipped with removable micro SD cards and self-contained LED lighting units, these cameras are the ultimate solution for staying ahead of any potential issues. Discover the power of predictive maintenance technologies and revolutionize your operations today.

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Specifications of Our Inspection Camera for Conveyor Monitoring System

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

Video Format


Picture Format


Working Time

About 80 Minutes


Micro SD Card, Self-Contained Lighting Unit, Disc Halves, and Screws to attach it to cable

4 Reasons to Use an Inspection Camera for Conveyor Monitoring System

Don’t miss out on the advantages our system inspection cameras offer. Originally designed for our conveyor installation team, these cameras are now utilized by millwrights, installers, and system owners. Here’s why you should consider using one.

Identify Weaknesses with Ease

Our cameras enable technicians and your personnel to pinpoint weaknesses in your bulk material handling equipment, like dented or misaligned pipes.

Streamline Cleaning

In applications requiring high levels of sanitation, our cameras ensure that tubes are thoroughly cleaned and free of any built-up materials.

Harness Analytic Power

With our system inspection cameras, we can accurately analyze installation and maintenance issues, providing valuable insights.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our camera assembly effortlessly attaches to cables with two disc halves; they firmly grip and move along with the cable, making installation a breeze.


Yes, you can. Videos captured are in AVI format, which is compatible with the software that comes standard with any computer, allowing for easy viewing and analysis of the footage.

Absolutely, it includes all necessary components, such as a micro SD card for data storage, a camera to capture high-resolution visuals, a self-contained lighting unit to illuminate dark areas, and disc halves and screws for secure attachment to the cable.

No, the system inspection camera is not included as a standard feature with a new custom conveyor belt for the warehouse. It is available as a separate purchase, which can complement both new and existing systems for enhanced monitoring and maintenance.

The kit includes a micro SD card with a substantial storage capacity to ensure you can capture and store sufficient data during inspection. The exact capacity can vary, and details will be provided in the product manual.

Yes, our inspection camera is designed to operate effectively in a range of temperatures typically found within industrial environments. Specific temperature ratings can be found in the product documentation.

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive training and support materials to help users get acquainted with the operation and functionalities of the inspection camera. Our customer support team is also on standby to assist with any inquiries or technical assistance.

Yes, the inspection camera is built with robust materials that provide a certain degree of resistance to water and dust, making it suitable for use in various industrial environments. Details regarding the exact resistance ratings can be found in the product specifications.

Our inspection camera is designed to be a stand-alone tool for belt conveyor system inspections. However, the data captured (videos and photos) can be easily transferred and integrated into your existing monitoring and analysis frameworks for a comprehensive view of the health of the industrial conveyor belt for food.

We offer a standard warranty period that covers manufacturing defects and other issues that might arise from normal usage. Details of the warranty period and conditions will be provided in the product documentation.

Yes, should you require additional or replacement components for your inspection camera, they are available for purchase separately. This ensures the longevity of your inspection camera, as you can easily replace parts as needed.

The self-contained lighting unit is integrated into the camera and provides essential illumination during inspections, allowing for clear visibility in the otherwise dark environments typically found in a conveyor belt system. It operates seamlessly with the camera, ensuring you capture high-quality visuals during your inspections.

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