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Almond Conveyor

Processing almonds, just like any other nuts, is a tricky job, yet a necessity since they are used in many popular foods like snacks and for almond milk production. As more people want almond-based products, an almond conveyor system is crucial for transporting this type of nuts quickly yet gently. 

Almond Popularity Soars Globally

Almonds’ exceptional nutritional value has led to incredible popularity in countries worldwide, with demand increasing at dizzying speeds. The United States, specifically California’s Central Valley, produces 80% of the global supply, with record shipments reported in 2021. Formulators’ innovative uses of this versatile nut have produced a bumper crop of new product introductions that include almonds as an ingredient. Innova Market Insights reports the top five categories like dairy, confections, snacks, bakery, and snacks, with almonds particularly strong in the foods making a mood-related claim such as improved sleep, energy, or focus.

What Are the Challenges Associated With Conveying Almonds?

The delicate nature of almonds makes them prone to breakage, especially if they are handled roughly. Another challenge is the risk of contamination of the processed product, as well as its oil content, which can easily affect the efficiency and cleanliness of the belt conveyor system. Because almonds vary in size and shape, the bulk material handling equipment should be able to handle diverse dimensions of the product without causing damage or blockages.

Why Conveyor Systems Are Essential in the Food Industry

In the bustling food industry, it’s paramount to meet both quality standards and production demands. This is where the industrial conveyor belt system has found its place. Cablevey Conveyors have designed innovative tubular drag systems, which streamline processes and enable consistent and efficient transport of ingredients while minimizing waste. This efficiency helps manufacturers not only keep up with but also anticipate market demand.

Benefits of Using Tubular Drag Systems for Almonds

The food production industry is fast-paced, and keeping up with the demand is paramount for manufacturers. The advantages of tubular drag conveyors stretch beyond mere transportation, and here are the most important benefits:

  • Unlike traditional conveyor systems that might be rough on almonds, tubular drag systems are designed to move them gently. This ensures that the almonds maintain their natural shape, texture, and quality throughout the transportation process.
  • The unique enclosed design of tubular drag systems offers a double advantage. It protects almonds from external contaminants like dust and debris, ensuring a cleaner product. Simultaneously, it prevents any almond particles or oils from escaping, maintaining a cleaner work environment.
  • Just like a custom conveyor belt for food, they can be adjusted to use the available production space in the best way. So, tubular drag systems are not just efficient but also compact. Their design allows for flexible installment, whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, making optimal use of available production space and accommodating various facility layouts.
  • Almonds, though robust in nutrition, are delicate and require consistent handling. Tubular drag systems offer uniform transportation, ensuring that every almond, from start to finish, is treated with the same level of care. This leads to a more consistent product quality batch after batch.
  • One of the hidden costs of almond processing is product breakage. The gentle handling of the tubular drag system significantly reduces almond breakage, ensuring more of the product makes it to the final stage. This means less waste, maximized output, and, ultimately, increased profitability.

With these benefits, it’s clear to see why it’s the preferred method for conveying in the industry.

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State of Conveying Report

An independently commissioned survey report reveals insights into top food processing industry challenges, automation goals and their relation to conveyor problems, preferences and the critical factors involved in purchase decisions.

How Our Tubular Drag Conveyors Handle Almonds

Tubular drag conveyors by Cablevey Conveyors move almonds and other delicate food items with the utmost care. By using a cable and disc assembly within a closed tube, the system ensures that the almonds are transported gently, reducing the risk of breakage and maintaining their integrity. This thoughtful handling is particularly beneficial for delicate foods, where maintaining shape and quality is vital.

Efficient Cleaning System

Cleanliness is a top priority in food processing, so Cablevey Conveyors has made sure these standards were met. Our tubular drag conveyors come equipped with an advanced cleaning system that uses both wet and dry cleaning methods. This dual-cleaning approach ensures that any leftover food particles or oils are effectively removed from the system. By doing this, the risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced, and the conveyor continues to function optimally.

Waste Reduction and Efficiency

Cablevey Conveyors’ tubular drag conveyors are designed for maximum efficiency, which in turn, leads to waste reduction. The precision in design and operation ensures that the largest possible amount of product reaches its destination in the best condition. This attention to detail helps to reduce waste, maximizes output, and contributes to more sustainable and profitable operations.

Our Almond Conveyor Ensures Excellence During Processing

Navigating the challenges of food processing, especially with delicate products such as almonds, requires equipment that balances efficiency with care. The design of our tubular drag conveyors ensures minimal waste, unparalleled cleanliness, and gentle product handling. But beyond the technical specifications, it’s the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that truly sets Cablevey Conveyors apart. 

You shouldn’t leave the quality of your products to chance. Whether you need a conveyor belt for a warehouse or for conveying food, you should elevate your food processing standards and ensure the integrity of your almonds stays intact. Contact Cablevey Conveyors and discover how our solutions can revolutionize your production process.

Choose the Right Conveyor System for Almonds

Enclosed, sanitary, dust free environment
Enclosed tube conveyors improve plant safety and hygiene by drastically reducing dust while protecting against product contamination.
Easy to Clean
Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time between changeovers and preserve resources. Clean-in-place methods are also available to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime.
Quiet & Energy Efficient
The engineered design requires lower horsepower motors, for lower energy requirements and quiet operations.

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