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Extend your Warranty. Expose Errors. Ensure Functionality. Commission Your Conveying System.

Cablevey offers supervised conveyor installation to help ensure the installed conveyor belt system runs to its full potential. A service technician will show up by appointment once all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic installation of the bulk material handling equipment is completed and materials are ready to be introduced to the system. As part of the commissioning service, at this point, the technician will:

  • Run a camera through the entire system layout to ensure there are no gaps, misalignments, or metal fragments (from installation) left inside the system,
  • Oversee realignment or readjustment if gaps are discovered,
  • Ensure the system is thoroughly cleaned if metal fragments or foreign materials are detected,
  • Install the cable and discs into the tubes,
  • Conduct a test run of the product the system is designed to convey, from the inlet feed through the sweeps and runs to the discharge outlet,
  • Verify the product is flowing at the desired speed,
  • Provide training for available maintenance or operations personnel.
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Whether using in-house staff or contracting with an outside firm of pipefitters or millwrights, contact Cablevey when the installation completion date is in the books to schedule commissioning. The average commissioning visit for a single system installation usually lasts an entire day. As a final step in the commissioning process, the technician will issue a report to the customer with findings from the system inspection.

Should a customer decide to alter the conveyor system layout or structure between a supervised installation and a commissioning appointment, the applications department needs to clear any changes, which will issue a new set of prints. Any gaps or misalignments that are not corrected during commissioning will void the warranty.

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Commissioning Extends the Warranty

The conventional warranty covers the gear motor for 12 months after purchase. Companies that take advantage of commissioning receive a 12-month extended warranty on system components after the Cablevey technician approves the installation under regular use from the date of purchase when the system is installed within its recommended limitations. Are you installing a new Cablevey tubular belt conveyor system? Talk to our service department about scheduling commissioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cablevey’s supervised conveyor installation is a service where a technician oversees the final stages of setting up your conveyor system to ensure that it operates to its full potential. This service is essential in extending your system’s warranty and ensuring optimum functionality.
Choosing a supervised conveyor installation offers several benefits, including an extended warranty on system components and identification and rectification of errors. It also assures that the custom conveyor belt for the warehouse or industrial conveyor belt for food is functioning at peak performance.
During commissioning, the technician will conduct various checks and tasks, such as running a camera through the entire system to identify gaps or misalignments. It is done to oversee any necessary adjustments and to ensure that the system is clean. They will also install cables and discs and conduct a test run to verify the product flows at the desired speed.
You should contact Cablevey to schedule commissioning once the installation completion date is finalized. This ensures that the technician can visit at a convenient time to oversee the final setup and ensure the proper functioning of your industrial conveyor belt for food or other applications.
By opting for commissioning, you receive a 12-month extended warranty on system components after the installation is approved by the Cablevey technician. This is applicable when the system is installed within its recommended limitations, extending from the date of purchase.

Extend Your Warranty