State Of Conveying 2023 Report

Annual Service Inspection

The annual service agreement is another Cablevey service providing value for companies of any size with a Cablevey tubular cable and drag style conveyor installed in a processing facility. The annual service agreement is significant in a tight labor market, with trained mechanics in short supply and high employee turnover rates. These circumstances can put companies in the unfortunate position of running systems to failure due to a lack of trained personnel to perform routine service and recommended maintenance. A qualified Cablevey service technician will pay an onsite visit and examine the system with the same care and detailed inspection as during commissioning. Every part of the system will undergo scrutiny, from the inlets to brush box, turnarounds to tubes and couplings to discharge outlets.

Extend the Lifespan of Critical Capital Equipment with Annual Service

Travel Monday Return Friday - Annual Service Plan

Under an annual service training agreement, Cablevey service technicians are available to work with your current and new staff to help gain a general understanding of how the system works and why it is necessary to be properly maintained. Annual service plan includes:

  • Training for tech team to get more out of your investment
  • Preventive maintenance instructions
  • Predictive maintenance instruction
  • Safety training
  • Cablevey Terminology
  • Printed Manuals
  • Cable Connection hands-on instruction
  • System Tensioning instruction
  • Timing
  • Email Information on updates and continuous improvements to equipment

Staff training involves a thorough walk-through for every system part, from inlets to discharge. Staff will learn how to put couplers together and how to torque the couplers, step by step.

Annual Service Training will take place at your location with both a classroom learning environment and hands-on when your system is available. When the system is available, it adds depth to the instruction with step-by-step instruction for the staff about system timing and tensioning, how to properly torque the couplers, cut the cables and more.

Predictive maintenance is essential. The better the staff adheres to a predictive maintenance schedule, the more likely the system will continue to provide optimal service throughout its anticipated lifespan.

Multiple Tools Aid Installation Process

An installation manual is included with each system, with detailed instructions for each part of the system. In addition, each part or component of the conveyor has a QR code, which links to a video demonstrating proper installation for that part. As part of the supervised installation, the Cablevey technician will:
  • Ensure hangers are positioned correctly
  • Couplings are properly torqued to specifications
  • The system is properly cleaned to remove any metal fragments or foreign contaminants
  • Infeed or inlets are in place
  • Discharges are functioning
  • No gaps or tube misalignment exist

Need More Information

While the frequency of the annual service visits depends on customer preference, some of the factors that help determine the optimal frequency can include:
  • The number of systems within the facility
  • System length and complexity
  • Average daily use of the conveyor system
  • Type of material conveyed—the more abrasive the material, the more this will impact recommended service visits
Companies can request an analysis, a proposal for service frequency, and cost estimates. When an agreement is reached, the visits are scheduled. When these factors are analyzed, a service visit might be scheduled two to four times per year or once every two years, as the situation warrants.

The Value of Specialized Experience

Cablevey technicians are dedicated employees with years of experience exclusively servicing and troubleshooting Cablevey tubular drag style conveyors. The average technician has conducted hundreds of inspections in plants worldwide that run any material imaginable, from powders and blends to bird seed, pet food, cereals, coffee beans, nuts and more. This specialized experience allows the technician to survey the system with a critical eye and catch potential issues or worn parts that might not be obvious to maintenance personnel charged with caring for all capital equipment in the processing plant. Our technicians have the experience to detect visible malfunctions and the nearly invisible. Bacterial contamination shuts down production or causes product recalls. Our staff is experienced with products challenging to move and the contaminants that cause lines to stop moving, such as Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli. Early detection is best.

Our technicians follow a 17-point checklist for the annual service agreement. Interested customers can get a copy via email. This inspection sheet forms part of the customer report, identifying worn or damaged parts for replacement and the recommended predictive maintenance schedule.

Our specialized experience helps companies of all sizes keep the conveying system(s) in optimal condition. The end result? Avoid downtime, maximize production uptime and extend the lifespan of critical capital equipment for years of service.

Contact our service department to discuss your annual service contract.