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Cablevey Discuss Solutions & Challenges at SNACKEX 2024

Cablevey at SNACKEX 2024

Event Overview

Last week, Cablevey Conveyors exhibited at the SNACKEX 2024 event held in Stockholm, Sweden. The event provided an excellent opportunity for industry managers to discuss their challenges and goals concerning the handling of snack materials throughout their material handling processes.

At the event, Cablevey Conveyors was represented by Robbie Park – Business Development and Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East and Scandinavia; Jeannette Carter – Regional Sales Manager for Northwest UK; and Tom Finnegan – Sales Director EMEA region. Collectively, they also represented our sister brands Spiroflow, Kason and Marion Process Solutions, which are part of the Automated Handling Solutions (AHS) and Advanced Material Processing (AMP) group.

Overall, the show was highly successful as it allowed us to connect with numerous industry professionals and demonstrate how our tubular drag conveyor can improve their snack-handling operations. It also provided valuable insights into current industry trends and the challenges faced in the industry.

Event Highlight

One of the highlights of our exhibit was the Cablevey conveyor on display. This equipment demonstrates how our tubular drag conveyors function and how easily snack materials can be gently and efficiently transported. It drew the attention of attendees, who were soon in discussions with the Cablevey team about the wide range of equipment offered by the group and the comprehensive start-to-finish solutions available for their material handling processes.

Cablevey stand at SNACKEX 2024

Cablevey FAQs

How are the conveyors cleaned?
Many attendees were interested in the ease and efficiency of maintaining our systems, especially given the stringent hygiene standards required in snack production. We explained that Cablevey Conveyors are designed for easy cleaning, featuring accessible components and smooth interiors to prevent material buildup. We highlighted our comprehensive cleaning options, including dry, wet and in-line cleaning, ensuring full sanitation with minimal downtime. Attendees were particularly impressed with our new ‘Cleanvey’ portable cleaning system and watched videos of it in action.

Does your conveyor meet hygiene regulations?
Attendees were assured that Cablevey Conveyors are designed to meet and exceed hygiene regulations, utilising materials and construction methods that adhere to food safety standards. We also highlighted our rigorous testing and certification processes, which guarantee compliance with international hygiene regulations. Attendees were impressed with our dedication to maintaining high hygiene standards and the robust safety features of our conveyors.

How do your conveyor systems handle delicate snacks like potato chips and tortilla chips without breaking them?
Attendees were concerned about maintaining product integrity during transport. We explained that Cablevey Conveyors are specifically designed for gentle handling, utilising a tubular drag system that moves snacks smoothly and carefully through the production line. This method minimises impact and reduces the risk of breakage. After demonstrating how our tubular drag conveyor effectively transports delicate materials, like snacks, with videos, they felt reassured that our equipment would not jeopardise their snack commodities.

How do you ensure consistent and accurate portion control for snacks during the conveying process?
We explained that Cablevey Conveyors utilise advanced automation technology to ensure consistent and accurate portion control. Our conveyors are equipped with sensors and automated controls that monitor and adjust the flow of snacks, ensuring each portion meets the required specifications. This includes features like automatic loaders, unloaders, and control systems that help streamline tasks such as sorting, loading, and unloading. We further expanded on how these systems are designed to minimise human intervention, enhancing both productivity and accuracy in portion control.

Can I test my materials before buying the equipment?
Attendees found out about our test facilities located in Frankfurt, Germany and Lancashire, United Kingdom. We also mentioned that the UK facility will soon be moved to a new and larger site. We explained that we conduct regular material testing to ensure our tubular drag conveyors meet the specific requirements of each customer’s operational needs. This allows potential buyers to verify the compatibility and efficiency of our systems with their materials before making a purchase.

Cablevey at Future Events

We look forward to working with professionals in the snack industry and attending the next SNACKEX event, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal.

We are also excited about our next exhibition – PPMA on 24th September.

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