State Of Conveying 2023 Report

Total Preventative Maintenance

Installation worker inspection

Scope of work

Scope will include Annual Service Inspection, replacement, and calibration of any components outside specification of the system(s), such as:

1. Cable & connector kit
2. Sprockets

3. Cleaning accessories

In addition, the AHS Field Service Technician will work with AHS Engineering to evaluate system condition and provide recommendations on new advancement/retrofit kits available to maximize output

End goal

The AHS Field Service Technician will work with site personnel to transition to an annual preventative maintenance schedule. The plan will be to evolve from a “break fix” model to a proactive “preventative maintenance” plan.


The standard duration is for 8 hours per HVH system.


The AHS Field Service Technician will produce a technical report for the scope of work performed and provide proactive recommendations as part of the maintenance plan.

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Continuous Improvement

The AHS Field Service Technician will partner with site personnel and AHS Engineering to maximize output of your operation. TPM emphasizes proactive and preventative maintenance to:

1. Reduce downtime
2. Maximize production performance
3. Extend the lifespan of critical capital equipment

Download Total Preventative Maintenance Brochure