Cablevey Conveyors
The Gentle Way to Move Materials
Cablevey Conveyors
The Gentle Way to Move Materials

Cablevey Conveyors

The Gentle Way to Move Materials

Cablevey Conveyors

The Gentle Way to Move Materials

Conveyor Solutions for Production Facilities

We Can Move Just About Anything

nut conveyor systems


Cable conveyor systems for Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, pistachios, pecans and other tree nuts.
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Food Conveyor Systems

Processed Foods

Cable conveyor systems for Pasta, Cereals, Dry Beans, Frozen Foods, Chocolate, Cocoa, Bakery Products, Snack Foods, Potato Products, Coffee Beans and Dehydrated Eggs.
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Natural Food Conveyor Systems

Natural Foods

Cable conveyor systems for Tea and Barley.
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Grain Conveyor Systems

Specialty Grains

Cable conveyor systems for Grain, Rice, Seeds, Malt, Brewery & Distillery, Pulses & Spices, Fruits & Vegetables.
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Feed Conveyor Systems


Cable conveyor systems for Animal Feed, Aqua Feed and Pet Food.
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Biomass Conveyor Systems

Renewable Energy

Cable conveyor systems for  Biorefinery and Biomass (Wood Pellets).
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Powder Transfer Systems


Conveyor systems for Food Ingredients, Industrial Powders and Blends.
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Plastic Conveyor System


Cable conveyor systems for Powdered, Flake, Pellets and Fluff plastics.
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Keep Your Conveyor Clean

Enclosed Tubing
Fully Washable
Less Downtime

Size Matters

3 Systems to Serve a World of Needs

2" Tubular Drag Cable Conveyor System | Cablevey Conveyors

2" Diameter Conveyors

2″ (50.8mm) diameter tube conveyor systems can move up to 75 Ft³ (2.12 M³) or 3,000 pounds/hour (1,361 Kg/hour). Learn More »

4" Tubular Drag Cable Conveyor System | Cablevey Conveyors

4" Diameter Conveyors

4″ (101.6mm) diameter tube conveyor systems can move up to 525 Ft³ (14.87 M³) or 21,000 pounds/hour (9,524 Kg/hour). Learn More »

6" Tubular Drag Cable Conveyor System | Cablevey Conveyors

6" Diameter Conveyors

6″ (152.4mm) diameter tube conveyor systems can move up to 1240 Ft³ (35.4 M³) or 49,420 pounds/hour (22,420 Kg/hour). Learn More »

Engineer Your Success Today

Our Design Team Loves Optimizing Production

Why Cablevey Conveyors?

Bottom Line Benefits

Low Breakage

Tube conveyors minimize material breakage and volume loss.

Sanitary Conveying

Our enclosed tube conveyors keep both materials and plant sanitary.

Easy Cleaning

Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time and resources.

Customized Efficiency

Our engineers customize conveyor systems to meet your needs.

Low Maintenance

Tube conveyors are highly reliable and require little maintenance.


Reduced noise results in a better work environment.


“Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Cablevey Conveyors’ customer service and 18 years of outstanding service. Hats off!”

David Coy

Brewer, Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company

“The system has surpassed our expectations, is very reliable and requires very little maintenance.”

Douglas White

Plant Engineer, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

“In the 40 years I’ve been doing business, Cablevey Company as a whole is easily in the top ten percent!”

Danny Tuggle

Crown Technology


Moving Stories About Cablevey Conveying

Conveying Pumpkin Seeds

Conveying Pumpkin Seeds

How Do You Convey Seeds Without Breakage? The key to competing in a global market is providing services tailored to each customer’s requirements. Cablevey’s strategy for competing in the global market includes understanding and catering to each customer’s unique needs...

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Tubular Drag Conveyers Keep Rice Intact

Leaders in the business of processing rice know that this delicate grain can be successfully transported on conveyor belt systems, but only when those systems are designed to handle goods gently. Delicate rice materials such as parboiled rice and rice mixtures can...

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