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Cable, Disc & Tube Conveyor Uses

Move your Specialty Materials with Cable, Disc & Tube Conveyors

Tube Conveyor Uses

Cablevey tube conveyor uses have spanned the globe to convey almost 1,000 types of materials in over 66 countries. Our equipment services many of the largest food processing companies in both the United States and abroad. Whether it’s coffee, breakfast cereals, oats or cat treats these industry giants have sought out Cablevey to move their materials in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Common Material Types

Cable, disc and tube conveyor uses can include moving your specialty materials that will fit into a tube. But the most common applications of cable and tube conveyor technology generally fall into one of these categories:
  • Small and Powdered Materials: enclosed tube conveyors are ideal for materials that risk being blown away. This results in efficient movement and reduced wastage of materials.
  • Clean Materials: enclosed tube conveyors are also an ideal way to keep materials like food product clean. Enclosed systems also keep your processing plant from being contaminated by materials.
  • Toxic Materials: enclosed tube conveyors are also useful to keep your materials enclosed within the tubes to keep from contaminating your production facility.
  • Delicate Materials: cable and tube conveyors offer small “pockets” for material movement as a gentle way to move large volumes of your product. Once materials are loaded between the discs in a tube, they are safe for runs a the appropriate speed (for you materials) and long distances.

Modular Component Design

To meet the needs of the many uses noted above, our cable and tube conveyor systems are modularly designed to offer flexibility for wide-ranging applications. Component parts come in a variety of sizes to fit our tube diameters, and your materials. We also offer a full range of inlets, cleaning capabilities, and transfer system components.

Custom Solutions

Each and every system is custom-specified through our engineering department. This ensures that all systems are optimized to client needs. Design considerations typically include how much can be moved without breakage…and how far, how high, and how fast you need to move materials. The configuration and available space within processing environments are taken into consideration. Bottom line: our engineers, and library of system components can solve just about any material movement needs with cable, disc and tube conveyor systems.

Blends And Mixes

Convey all types of blends and mixes for baking, snacks, pet foods, feeds, seeds and more in a variety of weights and sizes


Cablevey Coffee Bean Conveyors for green, roasted, ground and powdered coffee.


Cablevey Conveyor systems for Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, pistachios, pecans and other tree nuts.

Snack Foods

Cablevey Snack Food Conveyor Systems for food batch ingredients and finished products.

Pet Food

Cablevey Pet Food Conveyor systems for moving all sorts of pet food materials and mixes.

Breakfast Cereal

Cablevey Cereal Conveyor systems for food batch ingredients and finished breakfast cereals.

Frozen Food

Cablevey Frozen Food Conveyor systems for moving all sorts of food batch ingredients and finished products.

Specialty Seeds, Beans

Cablevey Dry Bean Conveyor Systems for cooked, chopped, powdered and puree materials.

Industrial Hemp

Convey all forms of industrial hemp products including hemp hurd, seed, pellets, buds and biomass

Breweries/Specialty Grains

Cablevey Grain Conveyor Systems for many different sizes, weights and combinations of grains. Suitable for moving brewery materials including grain and mash.


Conveyor systems for food ingredients, industrial powders and blends.


Transport rice products in all forms, including white rice, brown rice, parboiled, mixtures and blends, wet or dry, including rice powder

General Food

Convey food products and ingredients including wide variety of different sizes, weights and forms including blends and powders

Industrial Materials

Cablevey Conveyor Systems for biorefinery, biomass (wood pellets), powdered, flake, pellets and fluff plastic.

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