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Cablevey Conveyors’ Tech Center has tested more than 1,900 distinct products to date for some of the largest global brands consumers purchase every day. Take advantage of our testing facility to run your product through our tubular disc and cable conveying system to observe how it protects the product quality of fragile materials. Attend product testing in person or view it via a video link long distance. Whatever the concern, related to breakage, temperature, stickiness, abrasiveness or another product characteristic, our technicians and engineers can diagnose and prescribe a solution.

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Take a virtual tour of our testing facility and discover our approach to verifying the performance of our tubular drag style conveyors. Our engineers explain the process which leads to the ultimate goal of product testing—determining the optimal approach to improve product flowability while preserving material integrity.

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Our engineer inspects the turnaround and connections to the conveying tube prior to a test run.

Choose from a single discharge outlet for individual products, or multiple outlets for mixes and blends.

Avoid degradation and trap dust while gently conveying breakfast cereals or other delicate materials.

Modular components give the system flexibility for horizontal or vertical movement or a combination of the two.

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Product Testing: What to Expect


Customers receive a thorough report including video, that details testing results and recommendations.


Evaluate flowability of any material against defining characteristics such as breakage or stickiness.


Include any of the system’s modular components from inlet to discharge or CIP accessories for a comprehensive performance review.


Simulate your plant parameters for horizontal or vertical conveyance.


Customers can attend in person to view testing or send product samples and view testing through a video conference.


We’ve spent 50 years perfecting our sole product line, tubular drag style conveying.

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