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Virtual Product Test Center

Cablevey Conveyors’ Tech Center has tested more than 1,900 distinct products to date for some of the largest global brands consumers purchase every day. Take advantage of our testing facility to run your product through our tubular disc and cable conveying system to observe how it protects the product quality of fragile materials. Attend product testing in person or view it via a video link long distance. Whatever the concern, related to breakage, temperature, stickiness, abrasiveness or another product characteristic, our technicians and engineers can diagnose and prescribe a solution.

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Product Testing Data Form

Dissatisfied with your current conveying system or looking at a new product application? Testing can confirm whether a tubular drag and cable conveyor will meet your expectations for product integrity, dust control, quality or other specifications. Customers can attend a product test in person or view via a video link. All test results and data are well documented, and supplied once the test concludes. Sign up today by filling out the fields below. A Cablevey representative will contact you to schedule your product test.

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