State Of Conveying 2023 Report

The Food and Beverage Industry

2023 State of Conveying

Industry Outlook and Challenges

The food processing industry faces a dynamic landscape marked by
both promising opportunities and significant challenges. The 2nd year
of The State of Conveying highlights some of the trends so that you
can better plan for the future.

Industry Growth Continues

The food processing industry is rapidly growing, with 63% having
grown 10%+ in the past year (20% grew 20%+). This mirrors the
growth from 2022 and indicates a long-term trend for the industry. As
the industry grows, it is now more important than ever for industry
decision-makers to ensure their operations are optimized to handle
current and future growth.

Supply chain issues (49%) continue to be the top challenge in the food processing industry and shifts in consumer demand and preferences (46%) are a close second. Shifts in consumer demand and preferences experienced a significant jump from 2022, indicating the need for organizations to be agile with their ability to adjust production lines to meet demand.

Industry Challenges by Region

Supply chain issues: 52%
Economic disruption: 46%
Shifts in consumer demand and preferences: 45%

Supply chain issues: 55%
Economic disruption: 49%
Shifts in consumer demand and preferences: 38%

Supply chain issues: 45%
Economic disruption: 44%
Shifts in consumer demand and preferences: 38%

Supply chain issues: 62%
Economic disruption: 45%
Shifts in consumer demand and preferences: 42%

What do you consider to be the TOP CHALLENGES facing the food and beverage processing industry?

Traceability and Transparency
Market saturation
Economic disruption
Product shortages
Changing regulations and compliance
Shifts in consumer demand and preferences
Supply chain issues

Cleaning and Maintenance of Systems

Cleaning and maintenance is the primary challenge for food processing professionals, so this section takes an in-depth look at the topic.

Facilities Update Conveying Systems to Improve Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues are the most commonly reported reason behind updating
conveying processes according to those surveyed (59%), above overall cost to operate and energy consumption (both at 45%). This highlights the importance of minimizing maintenance issues as well as the long-term cost of maintenance.

Budgets reflect the importance of maintenance to food professions, as 81% of budgets dedicated to conveying equipment and maintenance will be increasing in the coming year. About one-quarter (24%) describe this increase as significant.

Increasing significantly in order are Brazil 27%, Mexico 25%, U.S. 24%, and UK 15%

Cleanvey – A New CIP
(Clean-in-Place) Solution

Reasons for Cleaning Your System

The goal is to minimize the time spent on maintenance but
maintenance cannot be eliminated. What are the most common reasons for cleaning a system?

Routine maintenance, material build-up, and FDA sanitary compliance are the top reported reasons for cleaning according to 63%, 62%, and 61% of those surveyed, respectively.

Routine maintenance
Material build-up
FDA sanitary compliance (food grade)
Clean one specific component
Swab testing between products
Abrasive material

Cleaning and maintenance are the top reasons why companies
evaluate their systems and begin the purchase process, but there
are a lot of steps to consider when making a critical and long-term
purchase decision. The food processing professionals surveyed
revealed interesting insights into the purchase process

Always Evaluate Your System

The purchase process starts with companies evaluating their current conveying system. Conveying systems are getting evaluated frequently. 43% say they evaluate every month and another 46% say they evaluate every 3 – 6 months.

Every Month Evaluations: Brazil (58%) and Mexico (53%) have the most frequency with their system evaluations.

How frequently do you EVALUATE
the performance of your conveying system(s)?

Ranking the Types of Systems

What systems are most effective at gently conveying food? In 2022, cable and disc conveyors were the clear top choice with food processing professionals when it comes to the system that is the most effective at gently conveying materials like coffee, nuts, and snack foods.

This year we looked at the 38% of those surveyed that have cable and disc conveyors in their facility.

This group is more likely than those who do not have cable and disc
conveyors in their facility:

Which of the following is MOST EFFECTIVE at gently conveying materials like coffee, nuts, and snack foods? (2022 data)

Cable and Disc Conveyors
Round-Link Chain and Disc Conveyors
Bucket Elevators
Vacuum Conveyor
Pneumatic Conveyors
Aero Mechanical Conveyors
Screw Augers

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