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Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereal production and processing require delicate handling, speed, and efficiency. This process not only requires careful handling to maintain the integrity of the individual ingredients but also demands a swift, efficient cereal conveyor to keep up with consumer demand, especially given the recent surge in breakfast cereal consumption. Leveraging our innovative technology can aid in providing efficiency, leading to a superior final product that meets consumer expectations for both taste and quality.

Essential Functions of Conveyor Belt Systems in Modern Industrial Operations

Conveyor belt systems play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of modern industries, becoming an integral part of various production and logistics processes. From automobile assembly lines to food processing and packaging, these automated systems enhance efficiency, speed, and safety.

The conveyors move goods and materials swiftly and continuously between different stages of production, inspection, and packaging, making them vital for mass production and just-in-time manufacturing. They are designed to handle different types of materials, including delicate items, with care.

Breakfast cereal components require gentle transport to avoid breaking or crumbling. Cereals typically consist of nuts, grains, dried fruit, and other ingredients sensitive to heat, humidity, free falls, or vibrations. A tubular drag conveying system from Cablevey supplies gentle transport of friable goods like breakfast cereal ingredients such as flakes, dried fruits, extruded puffs, and other shapes and sizes that appear in breakfast cereal blends. Tubular conveying utilizes a coated, flexible stainless steel drag cable pulled on a looped system. Solid circular discs or flights attached to the cable that gently move product through the system help cereal mixes maintain desired ratios of smaller and larger pieces, and prevent the settling out that can occur with other types of conveyors. These discs also push the product through the tube without air or excessive force to maintain material integrity and protect ingredients. The enclosed tubing drastically cuts back on dust for a more sanitary, safer production facility and prevents product contamination. Avoid waste, prevent breakage, and achieve the desired throughput of breakfast cereals with Cablevey tubular drag conveyors.

Tubular Cable Systems Supply Numerous Advantages

Implementing our bulk material handling equipment can bring a multitude of benefits to your business, streamlining your operations and boosting productivity:

Our belt conveyor system is designed to optimize your production process. These systems help ensure a smooth, continuous flow of materials, eliminating the start-stop nature of manual handling and increasing your throughput.
Automation conveyor systems reduce the need for manual labor, leading to significant cost savings. It also minimizes human errors, which can cause product damage, delays, and additional costs.
Our conveyor systems can handle a wide range of materials, including fragile items, with utmost care. This reduces the risk of damage, maintains the integrity of the products, and reduces waste.
By reducing the manual handling of goods, our conveyor systems minimize the risk of workplace injuries. They are designed with safety features to protect your employees and your products.
Conveyor systems can be designed to fit your available space, making optimal use of vertical and horizontal areas. This results in a more organized, clutter-free workspace.

In summary, our conveyor belt systems offer a practical, cost-effective solution for modernizing your operations, enhancing productivity, and improving workplace safety.

The Confinement Lifestyle Has Sparked a Comeback for Breakfast Cereal

During the pandemic, consumers confined at home shifted away from the convenience of fast food breakfast sandwiches and started preparing more complex meals from their kitchen supplies. This brought about a significant revival in the breakfast cereal market, with a 38% rise in cereal consumption among US adults compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Breakfast cereals offer diversity, ease, pleasing taste, and, depending on the brand, a range of vitamins and minerals. Cereal producers use a wide array of natural and manufactured ingredients to satisfy this increasing demand.

Delicately and Securely Conveying Fragile Breakfast Cereal Ingredients

Components of breakfast cereals need careful handling to prevent damage or disintegration. Typical ingredients like nuts, grains, dried fruits, and others are sensitive to heat, moisture, drops, or vibrations. They all possess certain characteristics that make them vulnerable to various environmental conditions.

Nuts, for instance, are delicate and can easily be crushed or split, impacting not just the texture but also the taste and aesthetic appeal of the final product. Grains, the primary ingredient in most cereals, can be negatively affected by heat and moisture. Excessive heat can lead to the grains losing their crunchiness and becoming hard, while moisture can cause them to become soggy and lose their freshness.

Dried fruits, another key element in many cereals, can lose their color and taste if exposed to heat and light for prolonged periods. Additionally, if these fruits are exposed to moisture, they can rehydrate and develop mold, making them unfit for consumption. Other ingredients, which can range from seeds to chocolate chips and marshmallows, also have their unique needs and sensitivities.

How a Cablevey Conveyor Belt System Overcome These Issues

Cablevey’s tubular drag conveying system provides gentle transport for fragile items like flakes, dried fruits, extruded puffs, and various other shapes and sizes found in breakfast cereal mixes. The method uses a coated, flexible stainless steel drag cable moved in a looped system. Attached solid circular discs, or flights, delicately transport the product through the system, ensuring the mix of smaller and larger pieces remains consistent and avoids the separation that can happen with other conveyors.

These discs also move the product through the tube without using air or excessive force, which preserves the material’s integrity and safeguards the ingredients. The system’s enclosed tubing significantly reduces dust, promoting a cleaner, safer production environment and preventing product contamination. With Cablevey’s tubular drag conveyors, it’s possible to minimize waste, prevent breakage, and reach the desired production rate of breakfast cereals.

Cablevey Conveyors Offers a Gentle Way to Convey

Take Your Operations to the Next Level with Cablevey Conveyors

Our state-of-the-art conveyor belt systems are designed to improve your production flow, enhance workplace safety, reduce waste, and save costs. With our industrial conveyor belt, whether it’s a custom conveyor belt for food or a conveyor belt for a warehouse, you can experience the benefits of automated, safe, and efficient operations.

Ready to transform your operations and achieve new levels of productivity? Contact Cablevey Conveyors today to learn more about our solutions and how they can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Discover the Cablevey difference – efficiency and innovation driven by quality and care.


Can Your Conveyor Belt Systems Handle Delicate Items?

Yes, our conveyor belt systems are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including fragile items, with utmost care to maintain the integrity of the products and reduce waste.

How Does the Implementation of a Conveyor Belt System Improve Efficiency?

Conveyor belt systems streamline your operations by ensuring a smooth, continuous flow of materials. They eliminate the start-stop nature of manual handling and increase throughput, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Are Your Conveyor Systems Safe for My Employees?

Our conveyor systems are designed with safety features to protect your employees and your products. They also reduce the need for manual handling of goods, which can decrease the risk of workplace injuries.

How Does a Conveyor Belt System Optimize Space?

Conveyor systems can be designed to fit your available space, making optimal use of both vertical and horizontal areas. This leads to a more organized, clutter-free workspace.

How Often Does the Conveyor Belt System Require Maintenance?

Our conveyor belt systems are robust and require minimal maintenance, ensuring maximum operational uptime. However, the exact maintenance schedule can depend on the type of system and its usage.

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