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Welcome to the fascinating intersection of snack foods production and cutting-edge technology: the world of tubular conveying systems. In an era where efficiency and quality reign supreme, our snack food conveyor systems are revolutionizing the way our favorite snacks journey from raw ingredients to delicious end-products. Check out how Cablevey Conveyors managed to become the top-rated company in this industry and how it can help your business.

What Is a Tubular Drag Conveyor?

Tubular drag conveyor in an advanced material handling system employed across various industries, including the snack food sector. This mechanism operates by pulling a chain or cable fitted with discs through a sealed tube. The discs catch and drag the product along, enabling safe and efficient transportation from one point to another. Notably, this system outshines a traditional industrial conveyor belt, as it can handle a wider range of materials, including fragile, sticky, or mixed substances, while minimizing damage or loss.

However, Cablevey Conveyors didn’t stop there. We incorporated automation conveyor systems into our operations, harnessing the benefits of its gentle conveying method, adaptable design, and reliability. The integration of these conveyors within automated systems facilitates streamlined, efficient operations, providing an ideal solution for the high-demand pace of modern industrial processes.

Snacking Is More Than an Occasional Treat

Consumers have a case of the munchies, snacking more today than at any other point in history. According to an IRI Research report, an increasing number of younger adults consume five or more snacks daily, with the average American adult eating 2.7 snacks per day. Millennials are the driving force behind snack mixes and blends, which can contain a variety of fragile components, such as pretzels or chips. 

The more variety, the better, including different sizes and shapes, from twists and rounds to squares, nuggets, and pieces. Each shape or component needs to maintain its proper form and pre-determined blend ratio in the proper proportions in the final package.

Tubular Conveying Preserves Delicate Snack Components

Convey delicate snack foods and components with confidence for less product waste and loss. Whether sold independently or as part of mix-snack components and foods, these products require a combination of containment and gentle conveyance to avoid the breakage of delicate elements. For this, a tubular drag conveyor serves as the most practical style of conveyance for snack foods. 

Materials enter the input of the conveying tube and fall into compartments separated by discs attached to a central cable, which glide the materials to the next step of processing or packaging without air or excessive force. The enclosed tubular container with modular compartments separated by the cable’s discs helps preserve proportions in snack blends and mixes while ensuring product integrity.

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The system is also easy to clean and requires less downtime than other systems for changeovers and proper sanitation. Make sure to check out the video below and see for yourself how it works in action.

Explore All the Features of Belt Conveyor System Cablevey Conveyors Offers

There are many remarkable features and advantages of Cablevey’s conveyor belt system. Engineered with precision and a commitment to efficiency, these systems are driving the future of countless industries, including the vibrant and ever-evolving snack foods sector

Whether it’s the gentle handling of delicate ingredients, streamlined maintenance, or seamless integration into existing operations, Cablevey’s belt conveyor systems offer features tailored to modern production needs. With that said, here are all the features you’ll be experiencing:

Sanitary environment - Tubular enclosed conveyors significantly enhance plant safety and sanitation by notably minimizing dust production and offering a robust shield against any potential product adulteration.

Blend integrity - A disc system attached to the cable ensures the safety of contents from the point of entry to discharge. This effective mechanism maintains the integrity of pre-mixed blends with diverse bulk densities, ensuring precise proportions and thus eliminating any chance of sifting or product wastage.

Gentle on materials - Our cable and tube conveyor design tenderly transports delicate and breakable materials throughout all production stages. This careful method of conveying ensures the preservation of product quality, significantly reducing instances of damage and waste.

The Future of the Snack Food Industry Will Be Shaped by an Evolving Blend of Innovation and Efficiency

With their unique ability to gently and effectively transport a diverse range of products, tubular conveyors are already revolutionizing industry operations. The integration of a custom conveyor belt further enhances these systems, allowing for bespoke solutions tailored to the individual needs of each warehouse.

As the industry progresses, this harmonious fusion of technology and customization will be pivotal in navigating the challenges of the future. The future is, without a doubt, bright, efficient, and flavorful, all thanks to advancements like Cablevey’s systems. Contact us today and discover all the possibilities and benefits our systems may bring to your production line.

Cablevey Conveyors Offers a Gentle Way to Convey


How Does a Tubular Drag Conveyor Work?

A tubular drag conveyor operates by pulling a chain or cable with discs attached through a sealed tube, carrying along with it the material to be conveyed.

Tubular drag conveyors are used in the snack food industry because they offer gentle handling of delicate and breakable products, helping to minimize breakage and loss during transport. Cablevey has a top-notch conveyor belt for food that will ensure the safety of your products. 

The use of tubular drag conveyors can significantly improve snack food production by reducing product damage, preventing cross-contamination, and offering a flexible, efficient means of transporting different types of products.

Yes, tubular drag conveyors can effectively handle pre-mixed snack food blends. They can maintain the integrity of the blends and prevent separation or sifting.

Tubular drag conveyors, as versatile pieces of bulk material handling equipment, are capable of transporting a broad spectrum of snack foods. Fragile items like potato chips and bulkier items like pretzels or popcorn can all be transported using tubular drag conveyors.

Yes, these systems are designed to be easily cleaned and are often enclosed to prevent dust and contamination, making them suitable for hygienic food production environments.

Tubular drag conveyors offer a gentler handling method than traditional belt conveyors, leading to fewer occasions of breakage and damage of these products. They also offer greater flexibility in terms of layout and can easily move products vertically, horizontally, or at any angle.

Tubular drag conveyors can be custom-engineered to meet specific production needs, including varying capacities, layouts, and types of products.

Tubular drag conveyors are typically very energy-efficient, as they use a minimal amount of power to move products gently and efficiently through the production process.

Yes, tubular drag conveyors are designed with safety in mind. Their enclosed design helps to minimize dust and prevents foreign materials from contaminating the product. In addition, they are typically constructed from food-grade materials and are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

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