State Of Conveying 2023 Report

Blends and Mixes

Cablevey Conveyors’ tubular drag systems provide a high level of operational efficiency and reliability, ensuring the smooth production of various blends and mixes. Our bulk material handling equipment is designed to handle a wide range of material densities and flow rates with minimal maintenance requirements, reducing overall operational costs. The enclosed design of our tubular drag conveyors eliminates the risks of contamination, spills, and breakage, making them the preferred choice for companies that prioritize safety and hygiene in their operations.

The Rising Demand for Different Blends and Mixes

Millennials recently replaced Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation, with Gen Z close behind. These top two generations have the following in common – make it personal, custom, and preferably organic. Both groups also crave variety and adventure, which food product manufacturers seek to deliver through a mashup of textures, shapes, and flavors influenced by global cuisines. The confluence of customization, variety, and adventure has led to a proliferation of mixes and blends across product categories, from baking to snacking and even pet foods and bird seeds.

Meeting the Demand with High-Quality Conveying Solutions

As the demand for diverse blends and mixes continues to rise, it is crucial for manufacturers to have reliable equipment that can handle the production of these intricate products. It’s not just about creating exciting blends and mixes – it’s about preserving their integrity throughout the production process. In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, where consistency and quality are key, having the right conveying solution becomes an essential part of the equation.

Maintaining Integrity From Input to Discharge

A tubular drag conveyor system maintains consistent blend and mix integrity from input to discharge from fine particulates to coarser blends or substantially differentiated proprietary mixes for applications from snacks to sprinkles or pet foods. Its unique, enclosed compartmental design guards against the sifting and shifting common in other types of conveyor systems that can cause significant blend restructuring for disproportionate end results. 

Our engineers can calculate the optimal system speed and most appropriate tube angles and construction for the desired throughput. Maintain precise blend ratios for products with diverse weights, shapes, and sizes for the most exemplary quality output.

Benefits of Choosing Cablevey Conveyors

Our tubular drag conveyors offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business operations. Here is what you get with our innovative solutions:

  • Optimal performance – our tubular drag conveyors ensure that your blends and mixes are transported with minimal degradation and maximum product quality.
  • They are low maintenance because they are designed with self-lubricating components that extend the lifespan of the system and reduce the need for regular maintenance.
  • Our tubular system with an industrial conveyor belt for food integrated within it provides a tailored solution to fit the specific needs of your blends and mixes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Our conveyors offer a high level of operational efficiency and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted production runs for your business.

With our expertly engineered solutions, you can expect a seamless and optimized conveying process.

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State of Conveying Report

An independently commissioned survey report reveals insights into top food processing industry challenges, automation goals and their relation to conveyor problems, preferences and the critical factors involved in purchase decisions.

Our Conveyors Have Versatile Applications

If you choose to upgrade your operations with our solutions, keep in mind that our conveyor belt system can handle a wide range of mix and blend applications across different industries, including food and beverage, pet food, and more. The conveyors can transport powders, granules, flakes, and even fragile products, such as nuts and seeds, without causing breakage or contamination. Our conveyors’ gentle handling ensures that the product quality is preserved throughout the entire conveying process, making them ideal for transporting delicate ingredients and preserving the integrity of your blends and mixes.

Customizable Solutions

We offer customizable solutions tailored to fit the specific requirements of your blends and mixes. We prioritize flexibility and customization in our conveyor systems. Whether you have a compact space or a sprawling facility, our tubular drag conveyors can be tailored to fit seamlessly within your existing setup. Our experienced engineering team will work closely with you to design a conveyor system that maximizes your available space and integrates with your current equipment. We’ll consider factors such as tube angles, routing options, and construction materials to create a conveying solution that meets your specific requirements. With our versatile and adaptable systems, you can optimize your production process and improve overall efficiency without compromising on space or performance.

Efficient Cleaning with CIP (Clean-In-Place) System

Our company recognizes the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic production environment, especially for manufacturers dealing with food products and other sensitive materials. Our tubular drag conveyors are equipped with a state-of-the-art Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, designed to ensure that your conveyor remains free of contaminants and operates at peak efficiency. By incorporating our CIP system into your operations, you’ll benefit from:

  • Automated cleaning reduces the time needed for manual cleaning and maintenance.
  • Regular cleaning helps prevent cross-contamination and ensures consistent product quality.
  • Our CIP system helps you meet hygiene and safety regulations in various industries.

With Cablevey Conveyors’ CIP system, you can maintain a clean and efficient production environment, ensuring the highest quality output and compliance with industry standards.

Seamless Conveying Solutions for Superior Results

Cablevey Conveyors’ tubular drag conveyors are the ideal solution instead of a traditional belt conveyor system for conveying blends and mixes in various industries. With our customizable systems, innovative technology, and reliable performance, we can provide you with the perfect custom conveyor belt for a warehouse, food, or any other specific need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your production process and ensure the highest quality output for your blends and mixes.

Choosing the Right Conveyor System for Blends & Mixes

Enclosed, sanitary, dust free environment
Enclosed tube conveyors improve plant safety and hygiene by drastically reducing dust while protecting against product contamination.
Easy to Clean
Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time between changeovers and preserve resources. Clean-in-place methods are also available to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime.
Quiet & Energy Efficient
The engineered design requires lower horsepower motors, for lower energy requirements and quiet operations.

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