Blends and Mixes

When transporting a mixed blend product through a conveyance system, whether it be a fine powder blend, a course mix, or even larger variable sized amalgams of different weights and shapes; maintaining consistency in mix ratio and blend is essential.

What goes in at the inlet of your conveyor should be discharged in the same ratio and blend.

This isn’t always the case depending on what conveyance systems you employ. Bucket conveyors, augers, pneumatic and vacuum systems can cause significant variance from your input ratios, weights and blends upon discharge of your product.

Various product material weights, sizes and shapes can shift and disperse with-in an open system like bucket conveyors or augers. Vibration alone from these type of conveyance systems can result in your critically blended product being disrupted and shifted through-out transport.

Vacuum and pneumatic systems can cause smaller light weight particles in your blend to move at different speeds than heavier or larger particulates resulting in significant blend restructuring by the time your product reaches its discharge point.

Cablevey Engineers have solved this issue with a unique, completely enclosed, compartmentalized conveyor system.
Not unlike an endless succession of train cars, each space between 2 Cablevey disks, holds a predefined volume of your product. Based on your specifications and requirements, our Engineers can calculate the optimal speed of the system, the most appropriate tube angles and the proper construction design to guarantee that your blended product remains consistent from input to discharge.

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