State Of Conveying 2023 Report

The State of Conveying

New Research for The Food Processing Industry

Analysis of conveying systems

In the world of industrial operations, the topic of the state of conveying and industrial conveyor systems often takes a backseat, not because of its insignificance but due to the industry’s nature of “pay for play.” This model, where advertising and promotion dictate visibility, means that, as conveyor systems manufacturers, there’s a natural inclination to highlight our own products. However, this bias can inadvertently overlook the unique needs and challenges you face.

Conveying systems satisfaction

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The Current State of Satisfaction in Conveying Systems

A recent survey titled “The State of Conveying,” published in March 2022, sheds light on the industry’s sentiment towards their conveyor belt systems and other conveyor solutions. The findings reveal a diverse range of satisfaction levels among professionals in the field:

  • Extremely satisfied – 38% of respondents,
  • Moderately satisfied – 52% of respondents,
  • Moderately unsatisfied – 7% of respondents,
  • Extremely unsatisfied – 2% of respondents.

These statistics raise a crucial question – how satisfied are you with your current conveyor belt systems?

Industry Outlook and the Role of Conveyor Technologies

The food processing industry is on an upward trajectory, with 60% of businesses reporting growth exceeding 10% in the last year. This growth highlights the critical role of efficient automated conveyor systems in strengthening a company’s success. Interestingly, the survey indicates a strong correlation between satisfaction with conveying systems and business growth. A significant 40% of those “extremely satisfied” with their belt conveyor manufacturers experienced growth of over 20%, contrasting sharply with just 13% of those less satisfied.

The Challenges of the Automated Conveyor System Industry

Despite this promising growth, the industry faces notable challenges. To delve deeper into these issues and the central role of conveyor belts and other conveying solutions, Cablevey Conveyors commissioned Ascend2 to conduct the “State of the Conveying Industry” survey. The insights from 214 Production Managers, Engineers, and Executive Managers provide a comprehensive look into the current and future landscape of food processing that emphasizes the importance of optimizing operations to support growth.

Navigating Information With Your Needs in Mind

The vast array of conveyor solutions available, from tubular conveying system setups to conveyor belt system installations and other automatic conveyor system solutions, present a highly complex landscape. For those in need of a belt conveyor system or conveyor engineering tailored to their needs, the priority should be finding information that accurately addresses requirements. Yet, the promotional-driven nature of conveyor manufacturing companies can make it challenging to access unbiased, need-specific data.

Tailoring Conveyor Solutions to Your Needs

Companies manufacturing conveyor systems offer a variety of solutions. However, before you can make the right choice, it’s important to consider different factors to ensure it meets your specific operational requirements. These considerations include:

  • Type of conveyor – Whether you need a robust tubular conveyor, a precision-oriented system with self-cleaning conveyor belts, or an efficient automated conveyor system, the type of conveyor plays an essential role.
  • Installation and maintenance – Look for solutions that offer straightforward conveyor installation and easy maintenance, including features like conveyor installation supervision and effective cleaning maintenance protocols.
  • Manufacturer expertise – Choose conveyor manufacturers known for their expertise in conveyor engineering and manufacturing, offering reliable conveyor solutions and technologies that match your industry’s demands.

This approach ensures you invest in a conveyor system that aligns with your operational needs and enhances efficiency and productivity, irrespective of the market’s promotional noise.

Key Takeaways for the Food Processing Industry

This research underscores the essential nature of conveying systems in the food processing industry. Whether you’re considering conveyor belt systems or the broader scope of industrial conveyor systems, the key is to prioritize solutions that align with your specific needs and boast operational efficiency and growth.

As the industry continues to evolve, the importance of selecting the right conveyor solutions cannot be overstated. Ensuring your conveying systems are up to the task is more critical than ever in driving business success and navigating the challenges ahead. Cablevey Conveyors is your trusted partner, contact us today to find out more. Or simply fill out the form and receive our survey.