Cable & Tube Renewable Energy and Biomass Conveyor System

Our renewable energy and biomass conveyor system is capable of handling many different sizes, weights, and combinations of materials.

High-Volume & High-Efficiency

Bulk products are all about creating the most efficient, high-speed and high-volume production processes possible. Margins are slim so cost-effective, reliable, low wastage and safe conveying systems are a must. Our 6″ diameter conveyor system is, therefore, our most popular for this application. These systems can move up to 1,240 Ft³ (35.4 M³)/hour or 45,000 pounds/hour.

Clean & Safe Handling

For the renewable energy and biomass industry, we also know that clean and safe handling of materials are necessary production concerns. Fortunately, cable and tube conveyor systems present a definitive solution to such issues as sealed tube conveyors move materials within a sealed environment to minimize wastage and separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pre-batched loads include flake, powder or wet materials?
Yes. Our renewable energy and biomass conveyor system is designed to move materials in all forms including flake, powder and wet forms.
Can cable & tube biomass conveyors safely contain materials during the production process?
Yes. The enclosed tube environment keeps renewable energy and biomass materials contained and safe while in transit. Enclosed tubes also serve to keep wastage low and your plant clean.
How are tube conveyors cleaned?
Wet, dry and in-line cleaning options are available. As part of our engineering and service process, we will work with you to specify the best cleaning solution for your needs and train you on how to use specified equipment.

Examples of Renewable Energy Conveyed

  • Biorefinery
  • Biomass (wood pellets)

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