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Tubular Drag Conveyors and Cable Conveyor Technology

Tubular drag conveyors are the safe and reliable way to move friable (delicate) products. Also known as a “tubular drag conveyor,” “cable conveyors,” “tube conveyors,” and “tubular belt conveyors,” such systems are designed to minimize batch separation and product degradation. Ideal uses include food, industrial, and consumer product manufacturing applications.

For over 40 years, Cablevey Conveyors has been a world-wide leader in enclosed conveyor systems and technologies providing more than 30,000 systems in 65 countries for over 900 different types of products. Typical applications include coffee, cereal, nuts, beans, and pet food. Our conveyor systems are used by Fortune 500 companies, top-tier food processors, and a host of industrial enterprises.

We offer enclosed tube conveyor systems in varying capacities including 2″, 4″, and 6″ (50mm, 100mm, and 150mm) diameter systems. All of our systems can be custom fit for your material handling needs.

Key benefits of enclosed tubular drag conveyor systems include:

Gentle Handling – Less Product Loss – Less Scrap!
Dust-Free Enclosed System
Conveys Materials on Multiple Planes
Low Maintenance • Energy-efficient
Sanitary Clean-in-Place Options
Minimal Footprint
Low Decibels – Quiet!
Stops and Starts Under Load



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