Tube Conveyor Cleaning

Cable & Tube Conveyor Cleaning

Each facility develops their own cleaning protocols based on the sanitation regulations and the challenges of their materials. There are different methods offered to clean and sanitize a tubular drag conveyor depending on what material is being conveyed. The material’s reaction to water would indicate whether a wet or dry cleaning procedure would be more appropriate.

Cablevey offers both wet and dry tube conveyor cleaning options. Our tube conveyors are designed for food-grade applications thus seek to eliminate places for fines to accumulate including:

  • Solid Discs (no screws or bolts)
  • “Jacketed” Cables (nylon casings)
  • Attached Discs (to cable)
  • Stain less Steel Connectors
  • Removable Equipment (for easy cleaning)

Dry Cleaning

This internal tube conveyors cleaning option is available on our 4″, 6″ and 8″ diameter systems and involves several equipment items including:

Air Knife:

A strategically located line insert that uses compressed air to blow accumulating fines off discs.

Brush Box:

A line insert that mechanically brushes accumulating fines off discs.

Sponge Disc & Sanitizing Cleaner:

A disposable sponge disc that is run through the system with an applied cleaning agent.

Urethane Wiper Disc:

A disc insert that wipes away accumulating fines and particles

Wet Cleaning

This option is available on our 4″, 6″ and 8″ diameter systems. It’s a 3-step internal tube conveyor cleaning process that’s fast and easy:

Water Rinse:

After the material has passed out of the system water can be introduced to rinse the inside of the tube, disc and cable.

Foam Agent:

Foam cleaning agent is introduced into the tube environment to cleanse all internal parts of the system.

Water Rinse:

A second rinse of hot water flushes out sanitizing rinse rendering the tube environment production ready.

Sanitizing Rinse:

A sanitizing rinse is run through the system to flush out debris and foam agent.


Drying our tubular system is dependent on the length of your particular layout.

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